Join the Spokane Fly Fishers, enjoy Spokane area fly fishing, meet new people and learn about fly fishing in our region.

The Spokane Fly Fishers (SFF)  was founded in 1977 to provide a fly fishing club for families. In addition to providing family-oriented activities, SFF introduces both new residents already familiar with fly fishing and offers a yearly school each spring to teach folks the basics of fly fishing. Members new and old gain and experience great appreciation and enjoyment of the sport. Sometimes we even catch a few fish. We are fortunate to live in an area that is rich with lakes and rivers in beautiful locations.


We welcome new members at any time. However most folks join in the spring when we hold our annual “Introduction to Fly Fishing” class in mid-February. The class consists of several indoor sessions where we present information on gear, clothing, equipment, the fish, the bugs that fish enjoy, how to read water on streams and rivers, and where trout can be found in still waters. In addition students learn about water safety, both in the classroom and on a local lake. We even teach you the basic knots needed to start fly fishing. On three Saturday’s we spend time teaching fly casting basics to the students. We finish the class at a local lake learning some more casting and fishing skills and a pizza feed.

Throughout the summer you will find our members engaging in group outings at local lakes, nearby rivers, often outings to rivers in Idaho and Montana. We welcome new folks to attend the outings that fit their skill level and desire. A current list of our outings is listed here: https://www.spokaneflyfishers.com/outings-for-2018/

We participateas a group in the Kid’s Fishing day where hundreds of kids enjoy catching trout from net pens. Many organizations sponsor this fun activity and numerous kids get to catch their first trout. 

There are many additional activities and events we participate in. During the winter months we feature educational events at our monthly meetings so as to increase our members knowledge of this fine sport we enjoy.

We have both a Beginning and an Intermediate Fly Tying class each year. We hold these in January when ice makes it difficult to fish.

We spend time and money on conservation efforts on local waters. We have been working on Brown’s Lake for the last few years. Our efforts are focused on improving the fishing and caring for fishing facilities located there.

Every Christmas season a fine meal is enjoyed by club members so that we may all enjoy each others company and share stories of the years fishing trips.




Included here are membership forms for both new and returning members as well as electronic links for these forms and an access point for online payments:

Apply for Membership to SFF!

Benefits: Club Resources, Newsletter, Meetings, Club Outings, Raffles, Kids, and fun!

DUES FOR 2017/ 2018 $30.00 for Individuals and $35.00 for families

For those of you still needing to renew your memberships, you can send your dues to:

Spokane Fly Fishers
PO Box 4141
Spokane WA 99220

or you can pay electronically, see below “Credit Cards for Square Market“

Adult FF School–New member, $125.00

SFF Membership Renewal 2017-2018 pdf

New Member Application 2017 – 2018 pdf

Clicking on these links will provide you with a pdf (portable document format) that you can:

1. Print, fill them out and send in by mail. Some of you may be able to convert the documents to Word documents, fill them out online, and then email them to membership@spokaneflyfishers.com 

2. You can fill them out online, scan them and email them to membership@spokaneflyfishers.com