2018 Fly Tying Classes

By: Rick Newman

Eighteen folks enjoyed six fly tying sessions early this year. The focus of the class was based on making improvements in our fly tying skills. To achieve that the individual instructors were asked to provide two intermediate level fly tying step-by-step instructions. We mainly worked with nymphs and dry flies that required skills beyond what were taught in the beginning class. Advanced
dubbing techniques, use of different hackle pliers and methods and other techniques were featured. Overall the students made progress and their smiles and reactions to their completed flies indicated that they enjoyed the progress they were making. A significant part of the class for, many of us, is getting together every week for six weeks and spend time enjoying each other’s company and making new friends. The class was a success and I look forward to organizing it again next year.

Many thanks to the instructors that provided their time and money on the materials they donated, the skills they taught and most of all their enthusiasm for fly tying. I can’t thank the following people enough; Dan White, Bob Newman, David Marshall, Mike Berube, and Craig Adams. You guys made it happen. This class is an important part of our club’s activities and I am glad to participate in making it happen.         





At the February meeting of the Spokane Fly Fishers, professional fly tyer, Bob Newman, received recognition for his many years of donating his time and knowledge to our Intermediate Fly Tying Class. Thank you, Bob.


By: Mary Kovatch

This year, 2018, there were nine students in the class. They are: Bryan Frost, Scott Carlson, Chris Wren, Carey Smith, Brian Soth, Barrett Soth, Nedra Bayne, Jim Hoppe and Robin Gavelin. All of the students were eager to learn and all became quite proficient in the art of fly tying. This was demonstrated in the last two flies; the Adams and the Parachute Adams. Thank you all for participating.

Larry Ray deserves a special thanks for sharing his knowledge and expertise, in particular for his excellent art work. For each procedure demonstrated, Larry would draw each step on the white board so the students could actually see what the method looked like.

At the last class, a prize was awarded to each student for different categories; such as the best hair stacker, the best at spinning deer hair or the best overall fly tyer. Everyone won a prize.

By: Mary Kovatch

Classes start on Saturday, January 6, 2018, and continue for six successive Saturdays until February 10, 2018. Classes will start at 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon.

All materials, vices and tools will be provided by the club. If you do have your own vice or any tools bring them on the first class.

It is very important that you attend the first class and all subsequent classes if you can. Each class builds on the techniques learned in the previous one.

These classes are open only to members of the Spokane Fly Fishers. Youth tyers need to be accompanied by an adult.

Sign up at the November or December club meetings or contact Mary Kovatch (information in the Directory) Classes will be held in the Spare Room at Lilac Bowling Lanes (corner of N. Nevada and Magnesium).

Cost is $30.00.

By: Rick Newman Director

This years Intermediate Fly Tying School will be focused on still water for half of the flies presented and half for moving water. Primarily dry flies and nymphs or streamers but more advanced than those presented in the beginning class because our members primarily fish in moving water on local rivers and on regional lakes. So the flies we will tie reflect the flies and knowledge necessary to fish in the nearby region. Each class will be taught by experienced volunteer tiers.

If you have completed the fine class taught by Mary Kovatch and her assistants or have been tying on your own and can already tie basic trout flies you should be qualified to enjoy this class. Tiers need to provide basic fly tying tools, vises, etc. Bringing a variety of basic thread colors should equip you to tie most flies being taught.  We provide specific materials to tie the flies being taught. A portable light is handy to add more light on your vise and flies. An extension cord also helps as outlets are located on the edges of the room. This class will fun, add another dimension to your skills and teach you good flies to improve your fishing and hopefully catching. It has also proven to be lots of fun and a good time to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

The schedule for the Intermediate Fly Tying classes is as follows:

Wednesday, January 3rd
Thursday, January 11th
Thursday, January 18th
Wednesday, January 24th
Tuesday, January 30th
Wednesday, February 7th

All classes will begin at 6:00 PM. Classes run until 8:00 PM.

They will be held at the:

Northwest Wildlife Council Building
6116 North Market Street

Cost for the class will remain at $35.00. The fees cover the classroom rental and materials used by students to tie the flies. Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Contact Rick Newman to ask questions or to signup at: driftboatrick@icloud.com or 509-990-0286

There will also be a signup sheet at the December Meeting and Christmas Dinner on Wednesday December 13th.