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The SFF Library has a very extensive collection of fly fishing books and videos.  We currently hold 304 books and 126 video cassettes, most of which have been updated to DVDs.  The library has lent 107 books since its inception in late 2012.  Meanwhile, members have also borrowed 35 videos since these became available in late 2014.

All materials held are available for member check out and use.  Only SFF members may check out Library materials.  It is the ongoing hope of the SFF Board and the Library staff that members will make maximum use of this wonderful resource.

Check-out procedures are simple and involve a simple manual card system.  Members, prior to their first check-out, are asked to provide contact information and sign a simple agreement to adhere to check out procedures and stating that they understand any materials held longer than two months from check-out can result in a fine of ten cents per each overdue day.  Please note that the Library staff will gladly extend check-out times upon request.

When you borrow a book or video, the librarian will stamp the check-out card with the due date and ask you to print your name on the card, beside the due date shown.  For books, a card will also be stamped with the return due date and placed inside the front cover, for your reference.

Again, the Library is intended for the education and enjoyment of the membership.  All members are encouraged to check out its materials.


January 16, 2015


Advanced Streamer Fishing.  Galloup, Kelly  DVD

The Alagnak Lodge.  Produced by the Lodge   VHS

Alaska Kenai River.  Sporting Fly.  VHS, DVD

The Art of Tying the Nymph.  Morris, Skip.  VHS

Basic and Advanced Flies for Pacific Steelhead.  Waller, Lani  VHS

Beyond the Basics & Reading Water.  (128) How to Fly Fish Series.  DVD

Big Meadow Lake Fence Repairing  June 2007.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Blackfoot River.  Fly Fishing Video Magazine.  VHS

Catching More Steelhead.  Teeny, Jim  and Fly Fishing for Trophy Steelhead.  Waller, Lani   VHS

Classic Dry Flies, Volume 1.  Talleaur, Dick.  DVD

Classic Dry Flies, Volume 2.  Talleaur, Dick.  DVD

Classic Maine Streamers.  Talleaur, Dick.  DVD

Classic Wet Flies & Nymphs.  Talleur, Dick  VHS

Club Outing 2005.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Club Outing June to August 2006.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Brown Lake, CDA – St. Joe, Williams Lake

Club Outing 2006.    Carrying Case.  DVD

Big Horn, Maxwell, Casting School, Amber Lake.

Club Outing 2007:  CDA and St. Joe.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Club Outing 2007, Kootenai, Clark Fork River, Amber Lake.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Club Outings Summer 2007.  Carrying Case.  DVD

(Magintis Lake, Amber, Jump off Joe, Browns Lake)

Club Spring Outings 2008.   Carrying Case.  DVD

Eloika Lake, Jump Off Joe, Fish Lake, Williams Lake

Dubbing Techniques.  Wooten, Davey.  DVD

Earthtrust Driftnet Expedition.   ©Earthtrust. VH

The Essence of Fly Casting.  Krieger, Mel.  Autographed Jacket.  VHS

The Essence of Spey Casting   Krieger, Mel     VHS

Euro Nymphing and Streamer – Streamers, Advanced.  Jackflyfish.  DVD

The Fabulous Bighorn.  Borger, Gary   VHS

Favorite Steelhead Patterns.  Kinney, Mike.  DVD, VHS

Fishing the Dry Fly.  The Orvis Company   VHS

Fishing Southern Alberta Trout Streams.  VHS

Fly Casting Basics.  Beatty, Al  VHS

Fly Fishing Basics.  A Beginners Guide.  Watt, Kelly and Jim   VHS, DVD

Fly Fishing for Bass II, Combat Fishing.  Sport Tapes  VHS

Fly Fishing Pacific Steelhead and Advanced Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead  Waller, Lani   VHS

Fly Fishing Still Waters.  Chan, Brian.  DVD

Fly Fishing Still Waters for Trophy Trout.  Richards, Denny.  VHS

Fly Fishing Trout Streams.  Merriman, Maggie, Fly Fish TV “How to” Series  DVD

Fly Fishing Yellowstone Hatches.  Mathews, Craig and Juracek, John.  DVD

Fly Tyers Master Class.  Edwards, Oliver.  DVD (Two copies), VHS

Fly Tying  (Recorded from TV)   VHS

Fly Tying, Tape 1.  VHS

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 22.  (111)  KWSU Media   DVD 3

Foam Hopper, Foam Skwala, Foam Beetle, San Juan Worm, Turck’s Golden Tarantula,

Prince Nymph

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 23.  (112)  KWSU Media   DVD

Royal Coyote, Damsel Fly Nymph, Bunny Spey, Wilted Spinach, Bloody Mary, Midge Emerger, Black Wooley Bugger

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,  Disc 24. (113)  KWSU Media.   DVD

Palomino, CW Parachute Humpy, Royal Wulff Stimulator, Clark’s Stone Fly, Bug-eyed Jig, Fire Butt Bomber

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 25. (114)  KWSU Media.  DVD

Bill’s Halloween, Blue Pan Fish Nymph, Love Bug, Copper John, Soft Hackle Beadhead, Chukar and Copper, Sheepcreek Special

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 26. (115)  KWSU Media.   DVD

Water Boatman, Guarntee, Caddis Stone Skater, silver Hilton, Doc Spratley, Baetis Krystal Flash Nymph, PTO Nymph

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,  Disc 27. (116)  KWSU Media.   DVD

Yellow Stimulator, J.H. Nymph, Tunkwanamid, Bill’s Halloween, Blue Pan Fish Nymph, Love Bug

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 30.  (119)  KWSU Media.  DVD

LeTort Hopper, Simple Crayfish, Peacock & Pheasant, Grizzly Wulff, Soft Hackle Mickey Finn, Palmered Gnat

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 31.  (127)  KWSU Media.  DVD

Dark Cahill, crystal Flash Soft, Laced Diver, Furled Body, Hump’s Cress Bug, E-Z Spey, Sparrow

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 32.  (121)  KWSU Media.  DVD

Peacock Caddis, Moose River Bucktail, Sinking Spider, Red Quill, Double E, Winter Candlelight Spey

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 33.  (122)  KWSU Media.  DVD

Waterboatman, Olson’s Deceiver, Iron Blue Spider, Clark’s No-Hackle Caddis, Peacock Matuka, ’52 Buick

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 34.  (123)  KWSU Media.  DVD

Pheasant Tail, Doc Spratley, The Boss, Canadian Sedge, Mormon Girl, Spring Crappie Darter

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,  Disc 51.  KWSU Media.  DVD 4

Foam Hopper, Emergent Parachute Caddis, Lightening Bug, White’s Midge, Peacock Creeper, Balanced Fly, Cha Cha Leech, Two-Color Bomber, Peasant Tail Dry, Bionic Worm, EZY Prince, ostrich Sow Bug

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 52.   KWSU Media.  DVD

Carolyn’s Chute, Club Sandwich, Chernobyl Ant, Lady McConnel, Masxwell’s Purple Matuka, Black Chironomid, Czech Nymph, Befar’s Paw, Spider, BugMeister

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art.  Disc 53.  KWSU Media.  DVD

RS2, Foam Beetle, Foam Beetle with Legs, Dirty Rat, Ddry Damsel, Midge Pupa, Skinny George, Papa Smurf, Don Juan Wannabe, Olive Willy

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,  Disc 55.  KWSU Media.  DVD

Stages of the Caddis Family.

Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art,  Disk 29. (118)  KWSU Media    DVD

(Esciter, Hump’s Sulphur, Baby Leech, BWO, Buck Bug, Black Knight)

Fly Tying – Intermediate.  Beatty, Al  VHS

Fly tying Tools  & Dubbing Techinques.  Wotton, Davy  VHS

Fuzzy Nyumphs.  Rosborough, Polly.  DVD

Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod.  Garcia, L.A.   VHS

Iliaska Rainbos & Grayling.  Fly Fishing Video Magazine.  VHS

Intermediate Below and Beyond, Fly Tying Photoshow.  Carrying Case.  DVD

International Spey Casting.  Gawesworth, Simon.  DVD

International Spey Casting.  Vincent, Jim  VHS

Introduction to Tube Flies. (104)  Beatty, Al  DVD

Introduction to Tube Flies. (106)  Talleur, Dick  Hooked on Fly Tying Series  DVD

Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting.  Wulff, Joan, Fly Rod & Reel.  VHS, DVD

Joseph Gordon Butorac Steelhead Guide,  Fly Fishing Video Magazine VHS

The Life Cycle of the Mayfly.  Hooked on Fly Tying Series   Rene Harrop   VHS 5 

Kootenai Outing 2007.  Carrying Case.  DVD

La Paz 2006 Photoshow.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Lakes.  How to Fly Fish Series (129)  DVD

Langara Fishing Adventures,  Langara Island Lodge   VHS

Learning to Tie Flies.  Talleaur, Dick.  DVD

The Life Cycle of the Caddisfly.  Harrop, Rene.  Hooked on Fly Tying Series  VHS

Lonesome Duck  Water Woman Productions  VHS

Low and Clear.  Finback Films.  DVD

Madison River, Montana.  Jacklin, Bob and Mathews, Craig.  Sporting Fly Series.  DVD

The Magnificent Green.  Williams, Jim  VHS

Marabou Steelhead Patterns.  Kinney, Mike.  Hooked on Fly Tying Series.  VHS, DVD

Missouri & Yellowstone Outing 2007.  Carrying Case.  DVD

Montana’s Missouri.  Fly Fishing Video Magazine.  VHS

My Favorite Flies Volume 1.  Jorgensen, Poul.  DVD

My Favorite Flies Volume 2.  Jorgensen, Poul.  DVD

Nymphing by the Numbers.  Galloup, Kelly  DVD

Nymphing Techniques.  Humphrey, Joe.  DVD

Olympic Trout.  Fly Fishing Video Magazine   VHS

Oregon’s Wood & Williamson River Trout,  Fly Fishing Video Magazine, Vol #34  VHS

Popular Northwest Steelhead Patterns.   Jackson, Alec  Hooked on Fly Tying Series,  VHS

Popular Northwest Steelhead Patterns.   Jackson, Alec  Hooked on Fly Tying Series,  VHS 6

Rainbow King Lodge.  Produced by the Lodge, Iliamna, AK   VHS

Rivers of a Lost Coast.  Narrated by Tom Skerritt.  Skinny Fist Productions.  VHS, DVD

Royal Wulff, Nelson, Skip,  Cow Dung, Nelson, Skip  Purple Nothing, Smity-Lambert, Betty, and Rat Faced McDougal, Nelson, Skip  VHS

Silver Creek & A Cousin Down Under.  Fly Fishing Video Magazine   VHS

Soft Hackle Emerger and Scud,  Moss, Steve and Parachute Caddis, Sadlo, Jan  VHS

Spade Patterns.  Jackson, Alec.  DVD

Spade Steelhead Patterns.  Jackson, Alec.  Hooked on Fly Tying Series  VHS

Sparkle Dun, Jan’s Caddis, parachute Caddis, Sadlo, Jan  VHS

Spey Casting Secrets.  Sandy River Clave.  DVD

Spey Casting Secrets.  The Fly Fishing Shop for the Native Fish Society  VHS

Spey Master Class.  Brown, Derek.  DVD

Spinning Deer Hair.  Helm, Chris.  DVD, vhs

Spokane Fly Fishers Fly Tying Instruction.  Dennis, Lafontaine, Borger  VHS

Steelhead Patterns.  Jackson, Alec.  DVD

Stillwater Advanced Techniques.  Rickards, Denny.  DVD

Streamers on Steroids.  Galloup, Kelly  DVD

Survival of the Wild Trout & Salmon.  Trout Unlimited    VHS

Tarpon of Isla Holbox, Mexico.  Fly Fishing Video Magazine  VHS

Trout Grass.  Duncan, James D.  DVD

Tube Flies for Steelhead. Kustich, Rick.  DVD

Tying Dry Flies.  Orvis.  DVD

A Two Island Adventure 2007.  Carrying Case.  DVD 7

Tying the Caddisfly.  Lafontaine, Gary DVD

Tying the Caddis Fly.  Stallcup, Shane.  DVD

Tying and Fishing Caddisflies. Lafontaine, Gary (and friends)  VHS

Tying Jack Dennis’ Newest Patterns. (125) The Jack Dennis Fly Fishing DVD Library  DVD

Tying Lake Flies.  Stallcup, Shane.  DVD

Tying Mayflies.  Stallcup, Shane.  DVD, VHS

Tying the Nymph.  Morris, Skip.  DVD (2 copies)

Tying Stillwater Patterns for Trophy Trout.  Rickards, Denny.  VHS, DVD

Tying Trout Flies, Boger, Gary and Tying Hatch Simulators for Selective Trout, Swisher, Doug   VH

Tying with Turkey.  Harrup, Renee.  DVD, VHS

Wet Flies and Nymphs.  Talleur, Dick.  DVD

Wet Fly Ways.  Wotton, Davy.  Fly Fish TV “How to” Series.  DVD



January 16, 2015

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(Revised April 17, 2014)

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B – Biographical (d – drawings, p – photos)
F – Fiction (bw – black and white)
G – Guide (directional) (c-color)
H – Historical M – Manual
Hu – Humor S – Scientific
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The American Fly Tyer’s Handbook. © 1979, editor. Winchester Press. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. Some great color plates highlight this manual, written in step-by-step format. A bit of pattern history for some of those listed… H, I(p (bw, c), M. 48 pp. Hard bound. (3 Copies).
American Fly Tying Manual. Hughes, Dave © 1986, author. Frank Amato Publications.
Donated by Alton Stier. This guide is a bit more abbreviated and concise than most. Nice color plates supplement the recipes. Typical discussions of equipment and materials. I(p(c)), M. 48 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Al Stier.
American Nymph Fly Tying Manual. Kauffman, Randall. © 1975, author. Salmon Trout Steelheader. We’ve all seen this one. We probably all own a copy but, if not, check this one – nice nymph tying instructions by a master nymph innovator. I (d, p (bw, c)). 92 pp. Soft cover.
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The American Sportsman (Summer 1969). © 1969 The Ridge Press. More anthology involving various outdoor pursuits by some of the giants of the last two centuries, including Roderick Haig-Brown and, believe it or not, Davey Crockett! Check the traditional salmon flies on the cover photo – can you name any? A, F, H, Hu, I (d, p (bw, c).
…And Pandemonium Reigned. Liere, Alan. © 1997, author. Peace Mountain Publications. Autographed by author. Donated by Ernest Looney. Outdoor humor from Spokane’s own. You need to ponder some of the drawings by A.J. Weir. H. 199 pp. Soft cover.
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The Art and Science of Fly Fishing. Dick, Lenox © 1966, 1972 author. Citadel Press. Another general manual for the novice and maybe a bit more. Simple, concise style with drawings and illustrative photos make this one and easy read. I(d, p(bw), M. 169 pp. Soft cover.
Art Flick’s Master Fly Tying Guide. Flick, Art. © 1972, Crown Publishers. Donated by Larry Patterson. Fully illustrated instructions for tying dry flies, we flies, nymphs, salt water patterns, flies for salmon, etc. Includes flies by Ed Kock, Lefty Kreh, Ted Niemeyer, Carl Richards, Ernest Schweibert, Helen Shaw, Dough Swisher and Dave Whitlock. Color and black and white photos. I(p(bw, c)), M. 207 pp. Soft cover.
The Art of Tying the Dry Fly. Morris, Skip. © 1993, author. Frank Amato Publications. Another tying guide, this one a bit more recent than most in our collection. Excellent color close-ups of each step for each pattern may set this one apart. More recent patterns, such as the comparaduns and sparkle dun. I(p (c), M. 112 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Al Stier.
The Art of Tying the Wet Fly & Fishing the Flymph. Leisenring, James E. and Hidy, Vernon S. © 1971, Crown Publishers (1977 Edition). An outstanding little manual on tying the subject flies. Great black and white photos of patterns and some historically interesting still lifes of books and related materials, including some which belonged to G.M. Skues, to whom the book is dedicated. Also, a nice introduction by Ernest Schweibert. Good, simple drawings of techniques. A fine read from an instructional and an historical perspective. A, H, I (d, p(bw)), M. 160 pp. Hardbound.
As Far as You Can Go Without a Passport. Bodett, Tom. © 1985, Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc. Donatd by Alice Deaver. Life, including some fishing, in Homer, Alaska. Humorous perspectives on how we live, from a remote vantage point, by the NPR commentator (and Motel 6 pitch guy). A, Hu. 143 pp. Hard bound.
At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman. Gierach, John. © 2003, Simon & Schuster. A collection of Gierach’s short stories, with typical philosophic reflection and humor. More great stuff from Gierach! 184 pp. Hard cover.
At the Top of Their Game. Boyle, Robert H. © 1983, author. Nick Lyons Books/Winchester Press. Donated by Jean Hubor. Sporting anthology on a variety of sports topics. A chapter by Lefty Kreh (Spare the Rod…). Authors such as Zane Grey, Frank Merriwell, Vladimer Nabokov, and Charles E. Brooks. H. 204 pp. Soft cover.
The Atlantic Salmon. Wulff, Lee. © 1983, author. Winchester Press/Nick Lyons Books. Originally printed in 1958. Donated by Alice Deaver. Instructive, on both fishing methods and on the biology of salmo solar. Also loaded with great autobiographical stories. Wonderful photography, both black and white and color. What you’d expect from Wulff. Great read for historical perspective, too. H, M, I(p(bw, c)), S. 275 pp. Hardbound.
Baja on the Fly. Curcione, Nick. © 1997 author. Frank Amato Publications. Nice catchy title with a cute pun. If you are headed for Baja… G, I(), 72 pp. Soft cover.
Bass Flies. Stewart, Dick © 1989 author. Richard D. Steward, publisher. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. Here’s a concise manual for making bass flies. And, for some reason, there is even a section on dry flies – do bass actually rise to the hatch? Nice color drawings of bass flies/lures. I(d), M. 48 pp. Soft cover.
Bone Fishing With a Fly. Kauffman, Randall. © 1992 author. Western Fisherman’s Press. Typical Kauffman instruction manual. Complete guide, with many black and white photos and drawings illustrating points and methods. I’d guess anyone who is interested in fishing for “bones” must read this book. G, I(d, p ( bw)), M. 180 pp. Soft cover.
Books for Fly Fishermen. The Angler’s Art, Plainfield, PA cc 1991. A bibliography, now dated, of fly fishing volumes, set up by category. Trout food and flies, advanced fly tying, and chalk streams are some. An interesting collection of titles. 168 pp. Soft Cover.
Bright Rivers – Celebrations of Rivers and Fly Fishing. Lyons, Nick. © 1977, author. Simon & Schuster. A great read about the life and aspirations of an urban dwelling fly fisher. A, Hu. 166 pp. Soft cover.
Bug Making. Pfeiffer, C. Boyd. © 1993 author. Lyons & Burford. Here’s the book for you who are into tying poppers and bugs for bass and panfish! Comprehensive and well illustrated with black and white instructive photos. Great manual/guide about a topic of which little is written. I(p(bw)), M. 271 pp. Hard bound.
Bush Pilot Angler. Wulff, Lee. © 2000 Barry Wulff. Down East Books. Memoir, mostly of Atlantic salmon fishing, from Wulff’s earliest fishing days. Entertaining and anecdotal, just what you’d expect from Wulff. Followed by Joan Wulff’s salute to her husband’s legacy. Conservation information and discussion at the end is also informative. B, H, I(p(bw)). 228 pp. Hard cover.
Caddisflies. LaFontaine, Gary. © 1981, author. Lyons & Burford Publishers. Donated by Evelyn McEwen and Alton Stier. A specialized, detailed tying guide that is probably the definitive work on the subject of caddisflies. Scientific and instructive approach that is rivaled only, perhaps, by Marinaro’s Ring of the Rise (see below). Probably the work that cemented the late LaFontaine’s reputation. Ever wonder why your favorite caddis pattern only works part of the time? The answer is in this book. The book can’t adequately be described here – you’ll just have to read it. Scientific and detailed, yet easy to follow if read patiently. H, I(d, p(bw)), M, S. 331 pp. Hard bound. (1 Copy)
Cast Again (Tales of a Fly Fishing Guide). Olsson, Jennifer. © 1996, author. Lyons and Burford. Collection of stories about fly fishing by a lady fly fishing guide, with some
humor, such as in the chapter entitled “Cheese Balls and Emergers”. A, Hu. 160 pp. Hard cover.
Catch and Release. Kingwell, Mark. © 2003 Author. Penguin Books. Heavily philosophical views on Angling and related topics. The title of the first chapter/introduction is This is not a Fishing Book. Some huor as well. 242 pp. Soft cover.
Challenge of the Trout. LaFontaine, Gary. © 1976 Mountain Press Publishing. Another of the classics by a recognized master. Great anecdotal, yet instructional, style that holds ones interest and fascinates while teaching. Includes some of the early favorite patterns of the late tier and author. Something for everyone in this one – check it out! A, I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 241 pp. Hardbound
Chasing Fish Tales. Holt, John. © 1993, author. Country Sport Press. Another autobiographical sojourn. The author engages in a freewheeling, year-long pursuit of trout. Mostly set in Montana, with diversions to the Canadian Rockies and Morocco (yes, dear, there are brown trout in the Morrocan mountains!). A 222 pp. Hard cover.
The Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout. Jardine, Charles. © 1991 Dorling Kindersley. Beautifully illustrated manual of quarry, tackle, and techniques. Basics on flies, casting, tactics, tying, with some history. H, I(d, p) M. 287 pp. Hard bound.
Collector’s Guide to Old Fishing Reels. Homel, Dan. © 1991, author. Forrest Park Publishers. Members interested in collecting historical fly fishing gear have got to have a look at this one! Lots of info on old (and not so old) American and English reels. Includes spinning, bait casting, level wind, and salt water reels, but lots on fly reels as well. Check that old Hardy or Pfleuger you have laying around against this book. Pricing tables included (though dated by now). H, I (p(bw)). 93 pp. Soft cover.
Common Sense Fly Fishing. Ovington, Ray. © 1983, author. Stackpole Books. Another simple, straight-forward primer. Lots of interesting, if rough, drawings. I(d), M. 160 pp. Soft cover.
The Compleat Angler, or The Comtemplative Man’s Recreation. Walton, Izaak. Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. Donated by Joseph King. Weathervane Books, NY reprint. You’ve all heard of it; now, here it is, in the SFF Fly Fishing Library! Written
by Walton (allegedly) in 1653, it’s style is as old English quaint as one would expect. The “Old Testament” of fly fishing, including prayers, biblical quotes, and poetry. Marvelous illustrations from the period. Everyone should look at this at least once! H, I(d). 224 pp. Hard cover.
The Compleat Book of Casting. Gerlach, Rex. © 1975, author. Winchester Press. Another casting guide, similar to the others. Lots of black and white photos to illustrate
the instructions. Discussions of casting in difficult weather situations. I (p(bw)), M. 203 pp. Hardbound.
Compleat Book of Fresh Water Fishing. Parsens, P. Allen. © 1963, Outdoor Life. Forward by Ray Bergman. Written in the simple, direct style of instruction of its time. Entertaining, if a bit dated now. Color plates of patterns are typical of the era and are, themselves, worth the read. I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 332 pp. Hard bound.5
The Compleat Book of Western Hatches. Hafele, Rick and Hughes, Dave. © 1981, authors. Frank Amato Publications. Another entomology field guide, with patterns to match. Good discussions of actual insects and nymphs, and the patterns to match.
Fascinating instructive drawings as well, along with black and white plates of both bugs and flies. I(d, p(bw)), M, S. 223 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Alton Stier.
The Compleat Brown Trout. Heacox, Cecil E. © 1974, author. Winchester Press. Very interesting discussion of historical angling for brown trout, plus planting efforts, anatomy and conservation. H, I (d), M. 181 pp. Hard cover.
The Complete Book of Fly Fishing. Brooks, Joe. © 1958, author. Another introduction to fly fishing, this from one of the giants of the past fly fishing generation. If you wonder how anyone could be so presumptuous as to name their work simply “Fly Fishing”, well, Brooks is probably the one to pull it off! Brooks was one of the Livingston, Montana crowd that led western fly fishing innovation in the middle of the last century. A, I (bw), M. 352 pp. Hard cover.
The Complete Book of Fly Tying. Leiser, Eric. © 1977 author. Alfred A. Knopf. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. So, what, are all the other manuals and guides out there incomplete? Here we go again – this one is very much like the others which seemed to proliferate in the 1970s. Lots of drawings and some black and white instructional photos. I(d, p(bw)), M. 240 pp. Hard bound.
The Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Canada. Winkelman, Babe. © 1983 author. Babe Winkelman Productions. Autographed. Very detailed, if compact, guide to fishing Canadian gamefish throughout the provinces. Some good black and white photos plus artist illustrations of fish and methods. Also includes some fish cooking recipes. G, I(d, p(bw)). 230 pp. Soft cover.
Confessions of a Fly Fishing Addict. Lyons, Nick. © 1989, author. Simon & Schuster. Delightful stories and essays from an urban angler and story teller. A, H, Hu. 220 pp. Soft cover.
Crazy for Rivers. Barich, Bill. © 1989 author. Lyons Books. Reflective fishing anecdotes based on the author’s fishing sojourns around Northern California, at such sites
as Hat Creek and the Trinity, Merced, and Yuba Rivers. A nostalgic read for anyone who has fished some of those streams (like me!). A. 80 pp. Hard bound.
Creative Fly Tying and Fly Fishing. Gerlach, Rex. © 1974, author. Winchester Press. Lots of patterns, set up by species for which intended. Nice photos and color plates to accompany instructions. Also some discussion of equipment and various methods (even dapping!). I(p(bw, c)), M. Hardbound.
The Curtis Creek Manifesto. Anderson, Shereda. © 1985, author. Frank Amato Publications. The cartoonist style, reminiscent of the 1970s hippie movement, enhances what is truly a wonderful primer for getting started in fly fishing. Great humorous, yet serious, approach. It is still on the shelves in bookstores and fly shops, and is the one you want to give the novice you have just recently taken under your casting arm! Imagine making a fly tying vice out of an antler! Hu, I(d(bw)), M. 48 pp. Soft cover.
Dances with Trout. Gierach, John. © 1994, Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster. Another of Gierach’s insightful, humorous, reflective collections. A, Hu. 205 pp. Soft cover.
Designing Trout Flies. Borger, Gary. © 1991, author. Tomorrow River Press. “Designing”, in this case, means tying to mimic, as closely as possible, the natural. Very in-depth descriptions of such efforts, with emphasis on realism. Great, exact pen and ink
drawings of naturals by author’s son. Great color shots/still lifes at end. I(d, p(bw, c)), M, S. 206 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Al Stier.
Diary of Northwest Trout Flies. Homel, Dan. © 1991 author. Forrest-Park Publishers. This little tying manual is valuable in that it deals with patterns very specific to NW Washington. Not surprising, since noted pioneering northwest Washington steelheader Ralph Wahl is one of the consultants for the book. This manual, small as it is, could
serve as a list of indispensible patterns for a northwest Washington fly box. Blank diary sections under each pattern, for notes (hence the title). I(d, p(bw)), M. 82 pp. Soft cover.
Dry Fly Fishing. Halford, F.M. Original printing 1889. © 1973 Introduction by Jacques, David. Barry Sherlock and Co. One of the great dry fly fishing classics by one of the greats of the English fly fishing tradition that emerged on her chalk streams in the second half of the 1800s. Very comprehensive and scientific for its time – a wonderful read for anyone tracing dry fly fishing’s roots. The introduction helps the reader follow the rest of the book. Marvelous etchings. A, M, S(d (bw)). 288 pp. Hardbound.
The Dry Fly – New Angles. Lafontaine, Gary. © Greycliff Publishing Co. Signed by author. Not your typical guide, but just as you’d expect from LaFontaine. Written in an informative discussion style. Chapters such as Why Flies Fail and Why Anglers Fail.
Some wry humor, along with outstanding illustrations. Read this one! M, H, Hu, I(d, p(c, bw)). 308 pp. Hard bound.
Ducks of the World. Kear, Janet. © 1991 Mallard Press. Kevin Weldon & Associates Pty., Ltd. An instructive photo essay on the world’s waterfowl. Marvelous photographs. Absolutely nothing on fishing, though. I(p(c)). 214 pp. Hard bound.
Encyclopedia of Fishing. © 1994, Dorling Kindersly Ltd., London. This one purports to be THE complete guide to the fish, tackle, and techniques of fresh and saltwater angling,
and it appears to be so. In spades. The section on gear is comprehensive, finely illustrated, and fascinating. Wonderful color prints of species, tying steps, bugs – everything. Check the photo of the brace of browns on the inside cover page. I(p©), M, S. 281 pp. Hard bound.
The Essence of Fly Casting. Krieger, Mel. © 1987, author. Club Pacific. Forward by A.J. McClane. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. A detailed manual on the topic by perhaps the most renowned casting instructor of his day. Great illustrative black and white photos. Easy and concise style. I (p(bw)), M. 129 pp. Hard cover. 2 Copies.
The Essential Fly Tyer. Leonard, Edson J. © 1976, author. Prentice Hall, Inc. Lots of text, with a few drawings and tables. Also some discussion of hooks and materials. A very thorough, detailed instructional guide by a master… I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 262 pp. Hardcover.
Essential Trout Flies. Hughes, Dave. © 2000 author. Stackpole Books. Check the photos of the fly box on the cover. Do yours look like that? Neither do mine! Wonderful color photography sets this one apart. Another must read. The tying instructions are good, too. I(p (bw, c)), M. 92 pp. Soft cover.
Family Circle’s Guide to Trout Flies. ©1954 Family Circle, Inc. Believe it – its not a misprint! Family Circle actually printed this, and it’s a very nice guide for its day. The color pattern drawings are very nice. Great manual for a beginner. I(c(bw)), M. 48 pp. Hardbound.
Fear of Fly Fishing. Ohman, Jack. © 1988, Fireside Books/Simon & Schuster. Fishing humor with cartoons and pun-laced text. Hu, I (d). Soft cover.
Fiberglass Rod Making. McClain, Dan. © 1973, NW Salmon, Trout, Steelheader Co. Rod making manual by a known Portland rod maker. Many illustrative photos. The advertisements at the back are interesting from a historical perspective. I(d,p(bw)), M. 89 pp. Soft cover.
Fiberglass Rod Making. Clemens, Dale. © 1974, author. Winchester Press. Complete, if dated, manual on the subject. All kinds of rods – not only fly rods. Check the fancy, decorative wraps in the color photos. M, I(p-bw). 187 pp. Hard cover.
Field Guide to the Pacific Salmon. Steelquist, Robert/Adopt a Stream Foundation. © 1994 Sasquatch Books. Just as described, with maps and illustrations. G, S. 64 pp. Soft cover.
The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod. Kirkfield, Stuart. © 1986, author. Stackpole Books. Actually deals with rebuilding and refinishing old rods. Just the book for anyone interested in restoring old bamboo! Great black and white photographs illustrate the finer
points (like ferrule punch marks and various keeper rings). Fascinating even for the collector who doesn’t care to restore. I, M, (p(bw)). 191 pp. Hardbound.
The Fisherman’s Handbook. Power, John and Brown, Jeremy. © 1972 Paquerian Press, Ltd. Another instructional guide but with some fun discussions of equipment as well as various gamefish species. Good illustrations and tables. All types of fishing. G(t), H, I(p(bw)), M. 187 pp. Hard bound.
Fisherman’s Spring. Haig-Brown, Roderick. © 1975, author. Donated by Larry Patterson. One of the seasonal classics by the great BC author and fly fisherman. A must read for anyone interested in the coastal steelhead, salmon and cutthroat fishing history of British Columbia. Haig Brown’s style is a treat in itself. A, H, I. 22 pp. Hard cover.
The Fisherman’s World in Pictures. Stochl, Slava. © 1970 Arcia. The Hamlyn Publishing Group, Ltd. As one might gather from the author’s name, this global photo essay has an old world flavor. Great black and white photos of many old world species (Danubian salmon, eels, old world perch) as well as some western trouts that have been planted in the eastern hemisphere. Fascinating pictures of such fish as burbot and tench, and even an artistic shot of some catfish spawn. Toward the end there are photos of old world commercial fishing that convey the laborious nature of that work. Check this one out! H, I(p(bw)), S. 240 pp. Hard cover.
Fishing. Kavet, Herbert I. © 1992, Ivory Tower Publishing Co. 62 pages of highly entertaining fishing cartoons. Hu, I (d). Hardbound.
Fishing: An Angler’s Dictionary. Beard, Henry and McKie, Roy. © 1983, authors. Self-published. Fishing definitions and humor in a dictionary format. Hu. 96 pp. Soft cover.
The Fishing Dictionary. Hallmark Cards, Inc. © 1992 Hallmark. Illustrated by Carl G. Moore. Fishing humor in cartoon form. You gotta read this for laughs! Hu, I(d). 72 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing Dry Flies for Trout on Rivers and Streams. Lee, Art. © 1982, 1988, author. Human Kinetics, Publisher. With a title like that, one expects a lot of information and this book has it. 290 pages of text and some black and white illustrations. Nice
discussions of gear. Also a few fly recipes. Very instructive in style. I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 290 pp. Hard bound.
Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect: An Unorthodox Method. Wright, Leonard M. Jr. © 1972 author. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. Mostly text, with a few instructional drawings. Is he unorthodox? The second chapter is entitled “Hints of Heresy”. Read it and see…
I((d)), M. 187 pp. Hard bound.
Fishing Escapes. Chapralis, Jim C. and Melchior, Paul. © 1988, Pan Angling, Ltd. A travel guide by a fishermans’ travel agency. Probably dated, but still informative and fascinating, with lots of “hook and bullet” photos of happy fisherman with their catches. Organized by destination, from Alaska to Argentina. G, I(p(bw)). 182 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing the Flats. Kreh, Lefty and Sosin, Mark. © 1983 authors. Nick Lyons Press/Westchester Books. A nice little treatise on the topic, by two of its greatest practioners. I (d, p (bw)). 72 pp. Hardbound.
Fishing for a Laugh. Freedman, Lew. © 1998, Epicenter Press. 157 pages of humorous fishing prose with no cartoons or illustrations. Just read and laugh! Hu. 157 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing the Headwaters of the Missouri. Strung, Norman. © 1980, Mountain Press Publishing Co. Sections on each major upper Missouri tributary – Beaverhead, Big Hole, Gallatin, etc. Lots of information (hatches, flies, locations) crammed into a small volume. G(m), I (d), M. 174 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing with McClane. McClane, A.J. © 1975, author. Prentice Hall, Inc. Thirty years of accumulated fishing stories by McClane. Nice photos, with lots of text, in McClane’s style. A, H, I(p (bw)). 332 pages. Hardbound.
Fishing Moments of Truth. Edited by Peric Peper and Jim Rikhoff. ©1973, editors. Winchester Press. An anthology of stories by the greats – Gingrich, Circle, Raymond, Schweibert, Wulff, et al. Each story is of a moment of truth in the teller’s fishing life. A, H, I(d). 205 pp. Hardbound.
Fishing the Nymph. Quick, Jim. © 1960, The Ronald Press Co. Donated by Alton Stier. Typical treatise of the mid-century, with detailed discussions of nuances of nymph
fishing. Some drawings, a few entertaining. Thorough (if dated), with some recipes at the end. I(d), M, S. 140 pp. Hardbound.
Fishing in Oregon. Sheehan, Madelynne and Casali, D. © 1995, authors. Flying Pencil Publications. Comprehensive, if dated, fishing travel guide. G (m & t), I (p – bw). 280 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing the Queen Charlotte Islands. Long, Bob. © 1988, author. Raser Enterprises, Ltd. Nice, concise little guide on the subject, with some nice color photos. All salmon species, steelhead, and sea-run cutts have chapters devoted to them. All fishing methods discussed. Good maps. G(m), I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 127 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing With the Fly Rod. Compilation of stories by such as Kreh, Schweibert, Sosin, Traver, and the Wulffs. © 1978, Ziff-Davis Publishing Co. Donated by Dean Byus. A great read on a variety of topics, from casting (Wulffs) and history (Schweibert), and
starting a fly fishing library (Lyons) to purchasing gear and addresses of tackle companies. Also a travel guide section. G, I (p (bw, c)), M. 239 pp. Hard cover. Two copies.
Fishing With Ray Bergman. Bergman, Ray. © 1970 author. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Methods, storytelling, and entertaining reading from Outdoor Life’s Angling Editor of
twenty-six years. The last chapter is most revealing about the author and contains ethical advice as sound today as it was then. Read this classic! A, Hu, I(p (bw,c), 328 pp. Hard bound.
Fishing Western Waters. Morrison, Marie. © 1975, author. Chronicle Books. A basic manual on the topic, with quaint cartoon style drawings much in the tradition of the
Curtis Creek Manifesto. The species drawings are sort of humorous as well. All types of fishing (lures, bait, flies). Hu, I(d), M. 80 pp. Soft cover.
Fishing Widows. Lyons, Nick. © 1974, author. Crown Publishers, Inc. Donated by W.E. Galler. More humor and story telling by the urban fly fisher, along with moving philosophical observations. A, Hu. 154 pp. Hard cover.
Fishing Yellowstone Waters. Brooks, Charles E. © 1981 author. Winchester Press. Prose and pictures will carry you bend-by-bend along our most treasured trout rivers. G, I(p(bw), M. 160 pp. Soft cover.
Fishless Days, Angling Nights. Hackle, Sparse Grey. © 1971, Alfred W. Miller. Simon & Schuster. Reminiscence, wit and warm memory by the “Dean of American Fly Fishing”. Read it for pleasure. H, Hu, I(p). 223 pages. Soft cover.
Flies. Edson, Leonard J. © 1950, 1958, author. Nick Lyons Books. One of the classics – nice drawings from the period and huge index of patterns. Any serious tier has to, at the least, peruse this one. H, I(d), M. 340 pp. Hard bound. (3 Copies)
Flies for Alaska. Route, Anthony J. © 1981, author. Johns Books/Spring Creek Press. An excellent guide to the buying and tying flies for Alaskan fishing. Discussions on egg and flesh flies, and the transitional periods from one to the other. G(t), I(p (bw)), M. Soft cover.
Flies for Bass and Panfish. Steward, Dick and Allen, Farrow. © 1992 Northland Press, Inc. Another bass/panfish guide by Steward, this one contains nice recipes with historical commentary and beautiful color photos of each fly/bug/lure. Probably a must read for you bug poppers out there – this one is really well done. H, I(p(c)), M. 80 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Evelyn McEwen.
Flies – The Best One Thousand. Stetzer, Randall Scott. © 1992, author. Just what the title says, in typical tying guide format. Instructive plates are all in color. Tiny to huge… I(p(c)), M. 137 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Al Stier.
Flies for Trout. Stewart, Dick and Allen, Farrow. © 1993, Mountain Pond Corp. LOTS of patterns, set up in an index format, with great color photos of each. I©, M. 119 pp. Hard copy.
Flies of the Month – North Idaho Flycasters Club. Vol I, 1997 – 98. Schweibert, Eric. Really beautifully hand-illustrated instructions to tie some favorite patterns. I(d (bw), M. Pages unnumbered. Soft cover.
Flies of the Northwest. IEFFC, c 1965 , c 1970 c 1974 (signed by editor), 1979, 1981, and 1986. © 1979 and 1986. Seven total volumes of patterns compiled by Spokane’s IEFFC. Not the most recent editions but fascinating for their historical value regarding area patterns. Detailed recipes and tying instructions. M, I (c). Soft Cover. 160 pp. Soft cover.
Float Tube Fly Fishing. Meyer, Deke. © 1989, author. Frank Amato Publications. Just what the title says – float tubing in various fishing environments. I (p (bw), d), M. 125 pp. Soft cover.
Float Tubes, Fly Rods, and Other Essays. Taylor, Marv. © 1979, author. Catton Printers, Ltd. Written dedication by author to Al Stier, with a nicely drawn dry fly as a part of the signature! Discussions of equipment, techniques, trout and sunfish species, and entomology and flytying. Something for everybody! I(d,p (bw, c)), M. 144 pp.
Soft cover.
Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh. Kreh, Lefty. © 1974 author, Herman Kessler, Irving Swope. J.B. Lippincott Co. I don’t know – is this guide better than Mel Krieger’s? Close – they share the same style and format, as well as attention to detail. Kreh includes more photos and less text. Anyway, I can’t choose – have a look at them both! I(p(bw)), M. Pages unnumbered. Hard bound.
Fly Fisherman’s Complete Guide to Fishing With the Fly Rod. Fly Fishing Magazine. © 1978 by Ziff-Davis Publishing Co. A general collection/guide, with lots of nice accompanying photography, covering most fly fishing topics. Contributors include Kreh,
Swisher, Lyons, Schweibert, Sosin, and the Wulffs. A large index of fly fishing related
dealers at the end, many of whom are probably out of business, but interesting none the less for its historical value. I(p(bw, c)), M. 237 pp. Hard bound.
A Fly Fisher’s Life. Ritz, Charles. © 1959, rev 1972, 1996. MJF Books. Dedicated by Ritz to Arnold Gingrich, with a forward by Ernest Hemingway. Instructive reminiscence.
A classic and a must read for those who value fly fishing literature. Some of the photos are accompanied by interesting notes. A, H, I(bw). 280 pp. Hard cover.
Fly Fishing. Brooks, Joe. © 1958, author. 4th Edition. Outdoor Life. The ultimate fly fishing primer by the Dean of Montana Fly Fisherman, which served to introduce our
grandfather’s generation to fly fishing. Still one of the best. I first read this one in 1969, and it got me started. Still the best discussion of equipment and other “getting started advice” out there. May his ghost ever haunt the Yellowstone, Livingston, and Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop! I (d, p(bw)), M, S. 352 pp. Hard Cover.
Fly Fishing Alaska. Route, Anthony J. © 1989, author. Johnson Publishing Co./Spring Creek Press. Another instructional guide to fly fishing Alaska. Lots of black and white photography. Chapters on each of Alaska’s gamefish, including maps. G (m), I(bw)), M. 204 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing the Blackfeet Country. Fairchild, Robert F. © 1983, Mountain Front Publishing. Donated by Alton Stier. Well used guide. Maps, gear, patterns, all interspersed with Blackfeet Indian lore. G(m, t), I(d,p(bw)), M. 128 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing Desert and High Arid Lakes. Probasco, Steve. © 1995, author. Frank Amato Publications. Autographed copy. Nicely illustrated manual on the subject.
Simple, straight forward instructional style, with lots of photos of eastern Washington lakes. G, M, I (p c). 56 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing: A Life in Mid-Stream. Tirana, Turhan. © 1996 author. Kensington Books. Reflections, memories and anecdotes in essay form. This one is different. Recommended by such as Lefty Kreh and Jimmy Carter. A. 128 pp. Hard cover
Fly-Fishing Montana’s Missouri River. Badovinac, Trapper. © 2003 Farcountry Press. Autographed/dedicated copy. In the more modern style, this fine guide has many wonderful color photos of the Missouri itself, with very few fishing photos. Those of you who fish it (and lead our outings on it) are sure to see familiar places in these pictures. Good, comprehensive guide with references to lodges, restaurants, and everything else one needs to fish the Missouri. G, I (c). 120 pp. Hardbound. Donated by Bob (?).
Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon. Ferguson, Bruce, Johnson, Les, and Trotter, Pat. © 1985 authors. Frank Amato Publications. Considered a ground breaker when it was released – has it really been 26 years? The authors pioneered salt water fly fishing for salmon and developed methods and flies for that purpose. Very comprehensive, including tables of fly shops and Fish and Wildlife agencies. Wonderful photographic accompaniment. Your preparations for salt water salmon fly fishing start with this read! I(d, p(bw)), M. 118 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing in Salt Water. Kreh, Lefty. © 1974, author. Crown Publications, Inc. Comprehensive discussions of gear and equipment, techniques, strategies, and both
inshore and deep water fishing, by the master salt water fly caster. I(p(bw, c)), M. 252 pp. hardbound.
Fly Fishing Strategies for Still Waters. Chan, Brian. © 1991 author. Dedicated to Alton Stier by the author (1 copy). No publisher listed. Donated by Frank Doherty and Alton Stier. Pocket-sized guide to the topic. Simple, easy to carry, basic guide to stream insects, basic patterns, knots, etc. British Columbia emphasis. I(d, p (bw, c)), M. 78 pp. soft cover. Dedication to Al Stier by author. (2 Copies)
Fly Fishing Still Waters. Roberts, Donald V. © 1978, author. Frank Amato Publications.
Donated by Joe King. A concise manual, with good photo illustration and a liberal dose of humor. The drawings of patterns are as interesting/attractive as the photos. M, I (d, p (bw, c)). 75 pp. Hard cover.
Fly Fishing Styles for Stillwater. Chan, Brian. 2 copies. Autographed. c 1991, author. Basic Guide as the title suggests, set mostly in British Columbia. I(d, p (c), M. 78 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead. Maxwell, Forrest and Shewey, John. © 1996, authors and Frank Amato Publication. A very concise guide, yet wonderfully illustrated
in color. A few recipes but more of a fishing guide and manual than a tying guide. Worth the read just to see the action illustrations. M, I (c). 48 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing Through the Mid-Life Crisis. Raines, Howell. © 1993, author. Doubleday (Anchor Books). Donated by Don Miller. Delightfully entertaining storytelling by a foremost humorist. Philosophical and warmly moving in places. A, I (p – bw). 352 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Fishing: A Trailside Guide. Merwin, John. © 1996, Mew Media, Inc. This delightful little pocket-sized guide is chock full of colorful advice and helpful hints. Check, for example, the section on knots. Crammed with illustrative and enjoyable color photos. A great read in a small package. I(d, p(c), M. 190 pp. Soft Cover.
Fly Fishing for Trout. Kreh, Lefty. © 1993, Oddysseus Editons. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. First volume of a series “Lefty’s Little Library of Fly Fishing”. Some water damage. Nicely illustrated little treatise on the topic. Interesting discussions on tackle, as some might expect from the master casting teacher. M, I (d, p 9bw, c)). 176 pp. Hard Cover, pocket sized.
Fly Fishing for Trout – a Guide for Adult Beginners. Talleur, Richard W. © 1974, author. Winchester Press. Another how-to, comprehensive and fairly detailed
(remember, this one is for adults, after all!). Interesting discussions on gear, with accompanying photos. A, I, (d, p(bw)), M. 252 pp. Hard cover.
Fly Fishing for Trout, Salmon, Bass and Panfish. Steel, Frank R. © 1946, Paul Richard & Co. Donated by Harold Moore. Charming how to book, written in the style of its day,
With a charming dedication. If it seems presumptuous to think that one book could cover such an extended subject, well, then, there wasn’t as much out there as there is now. Again, look at the copyright date… I (d), M. 194 pp. Hard bound.
Fly Fishing for Trout and Steelhead. Grey, Colonel Joe. Autographed by author. © 1966 author. No publisher listed. Almost pocket-sized guide. Small print – lots of information crammed into 94 pages. A few tables, instructional drawings, and photos. I(d,p(bw)), M. 94 pp. Donated by Alton Stier.
Fly Patterns for the Pacific Northwest. Probasco, Steve. © 1986, Osprey Press. Still among the best of the guides for northwest patterns. Probasco’s style is simple and
straightforward. A few interesting photos. Just the guide for those starting out on northwest patterns. I(p(bw)), M. 159 pp.
Fly Patterns of the Umpqua Feather Merchants. Kaufmann, Randall. © 1995, author. Umpqua Feather Merchants (publisher). Probably the most complete guide to paterns I’ve seen. Beautiful cooler photos of each pattern accompany simple recipes. A nice
section on materials, too. A “rogue’s gallery” on the back cover. I(p©), M. 175 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Patterns of Alaska. The Alaska Flyfishers. © 1983, Franks Amato Publications.
Pocket-sized guide, as titled. Very nice color plates at the end, after the recipes. Recipes are simply, printed, without accompanying illustrations. M, p(c). 88 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Patterns of the Yellowstone. Matthews, Craig and Juracek, John. © authors. Blue Ribbon Flies, publisher. Just what it says, and nicely done. Lengthy discussions on each
pattern, with casual instructions, i.e., NOT step-by-step. Some pattern history, as well. One photo of each pattern described. H, I(bw), M. 84 pp. Soft cover.
Fly Rodding for Bass. Livingston, A.D. © 1976, author. J.B. Lippincott Co. Another instructional guide by the guy who LOVES bass. While the book deals with fly-rodding,
he throws everything with them – spinners, plastic baits, etc. I(d, p(bw)), M. 202 pp. Hard bound.
Fly Tackle – A Guide to the Tools of the Trade. Henkin, Harmon. © 1976, author. J.B. Lippincott Co. The most comprehensive (but dated) guide to fly gear out there, but with
discussions of various types of fly fishing (spring creeks, small creeks, warm water) as well. Great pencil illustrations. G, I (d), M. 239 pp. Hardbound.
The Fly Tier’s Almanac. Boyle, Robert H. and Whitlock, Dave. © 1975, authors. Crown Publishers, Inc. Another fully illustrated guide, detailed and advanced. A bit more innovative than most, with extensive discussion of uses of many materials. I(d, p(bw, c)). 242 pp. Hardbound. (2 Copies)
The Flytier’s Manual. James, Mike. © 1985 Johnston Co-editions. Stoeger Publishing Co. Very nicely illustrated, step-by-step guide to some historical patterns. Great color shots of patterns throughout. H, I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 160 pp. Soft cover.
Fly-Tyer’s Color Guide. Caucci, Al and Nastasi, Bob. © 1978, Comparahatch, Ltd. Actually much more than a color guide , this is a very comprehensive, detailed tying guide. Very simple, easy to follow illustrated instructions. There are indeed color tables
for those who need them… I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 227 pp. Hardbound. Donated by Al Stier.
The Fly Tyers Nymph Manual. Kaufmann, Randall. © 1986, author. Wonderfully illustrated manual, in the Kauffman tradition. As good as any tying manual out there for nymphs. Nnice drawings and excellent step-by-step black and white photos of each tying step for each pattern, with nice color plates in the middle of the book. M, d, p(c, bw). 200 pp. hardbound. Donated by Sstanley Miller.
Fly Tying. Woods, Craig. © 1992, Friedman Publishing Co. Different approach to tying instructions in that it provides more discussion of presentation and actual fishing than of tying instructions. Fantastic color photos – beautifully done! I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 120 pp. Hard cover.
Fly Tying: Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun. McKim, John F. © 1982 author. Mountain Press Publishing Co. Another typical manual of the period, except for the author’s instructional illustrations, which are outstanding. Probably the best drawings
I’ve seen. These are worth the read, especially for the novice or intermediate tyer. The few color plates are typical. Interesting instructions at the end regarding making one’s own tying tools (including vice, bobbin, bodkin, and hair stacker!).
I (d, p(bw,c)), M. 143 pages.
Fly Tying Materials – Their Procurement, Use, and Protection. Leiser, Eric. © 1973 author. Crown Publishers. A thorough guide to tools, hooks, furs and feathers. Also
how to bleach and dye. There are a few pattern recipes (aren’t there always?), but most of the book deals with tools and, especially, materials. Thus, a different approach. Serious, experimenting tiers will want to read this one! I(p(bw)), M. 191 pp. Hard bound. (2 copies.) Donated by Larry Patterson.
Fly Tying Methods. Martin, Darrel © 1987 author. Nick Lyons Books. Detailed, advanced tying manual with some scientific discussion and micro-close up photos of
material. Great pictures and talk on tools as well. Fine instructional photos. Its all here – a great manual for instruction or just to read, but approach it patiently and unhurriedly.
Check the glossary of terms at the end for an education! I(d, p(bw)), M. 271 pp. Hard bound.
Fly Tying Problems and Their Answers. Veniard, John. Published by E Veniard Ltd.,, Surrey, England. This little English jewel is actually another tying manual, with the quaintest drawings of equipment, materials, and tying steps. Some of its teaching is still relevant, such as how to dub a body. I(d), M. 63 pp. Soft cover. (2 Copies)
The Flying Fisherman. Gaddis, R.V. “Gadabout”. © 1967, author. Simon & Schuster. Gaddis turned his hobby into a TV series in the 1960s, much like Curt Gowdy on the American Sportsman. (Unlike Gowdy, He didn’t also broadcast Red Sox games.) Probably as close as any fisherman to a household name back then. Fun reading, even I if most of water covered is in the east. B, H, Hu, P(bw). 182 pp. Soft bound (some water damage).
Flywater. Mclintock, Grant and Crockett, Mike. © 1994 authors. Lyons & Burford. Large, marvelous color photographs of western trout waters, as well as of their trout. Must see/read! Introduction by Jack Hemingway. G, I(p(c)). 137 pp. Hardbound
The Fresh-Water Fisherman’s Bible. Evanoff, Vlad. © 1964 author. Doubleday and Co. Instructional guide, with lots of drawings by author and black and white photos typical of the period. I(d, p(bw)). M. 193 pp. Soft cover.
Freshwater Gamefish of North America. Stenberg, Dick. © 1987, author. Cy DeCosse, Inc. Donated by Alice Deaver. Descriptions of most of North America’s gamefish, with
color illustrations and photos. Most of the trouts and sunfish, as well as paddlefish, catfish, and pike. Some of the artistic renditions are typically quaint for the day. S, I (d, p (bw, c)). 160 pp. Hard cover.
The Gilly: A Fly Fisher’s Guide. Davy, Alfred G. © 1985 author. Frank Amato Publications. Just what the title says. Detailed fly recipes with color plates and tying
instructions. British Columbia emphasis. G, I (d, p (c)), M. 184 pp. Donated by Alton Stier.
Greased Line Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead. Scott, Jock. © 1982 Frank Amato Publications. A reprint of the fine old English tutorial on the method. Fine color photos of Atlantic salmon ties, as well as Black and white shots of old fishing scenes and written illustrations. Read this one just to get the flavor. Great introduction by Bill McMillan. H, I(d, p(bw)), M. 221 pp. Soft cover.
Handbook of Hatches. Hughes, Dave. © 1987 author. Stackpole Books. A basic guide to identification of trout foods and selecting flies to match them. I(p(bw)), M. 191 pp. Hard bound.
Handbook to the Deschutes River Canyon. Quinn, James M, James W, and King, James G. © 1979, authors. Educational Adventures, Inc. Sections on mammals, birds, fish, and flora of the canyon. G(m), I(p(bw, c)). 148 pp. Soft cover.
Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods. Cattanach, Wayne. © 1992, author. Very comprehensive work on the subject, with emphasis on building new rods and less on restoration. Detailed and somewhat technical, as one might expect. The author’s first lines in the introduction say it well – “The difference between a pole and a rod: A pole you fly a flag on… a rod is 850 bucks.” Not without some humor. I (p(bw)), M, H. 242 pp. Ringed binder (includes floppy disc for PC instruction).
Hatches. Caucci, Al and Nastasi, Bob. © 1975 by Comparahatch, Ltd. The follow-up to Comparahatch by the same author (see above), and in the same style. Lots of close-up black and white photos enhance the instruction. Pretty cooler plates with photos of insects – not a pattern book. I(d,p(bw, c)), M. 319 pp. Hard bound.
Hatches II. Caucci, Al and Nastasi, Bob. © 1986 by Comparahatch, Ltd. A continuation of the fine entomological work by the two authors. (See Hatches, immediately above.) This one has eye-popping, super detailed photography! Those of you who dig underwater bugs will just have to see this one – entomology at its apex! I, M,S, p(bw), 335 pp. Hardbound.
The Hook Book – A Reference Book for Fly Tiers. Stewart, Dave. © 1986 Northland Press, Inc. Just what the title states. Very detailed, interesting drawings/plates of various hood styles, makers, and substitutes. I(d), M. 95 pp. Soft cover.
Hook, Line, and Sinker: Idaho Fishing Guide. Zimowsky, Pete. © 1995, author. Frank Amato Publications. Guide by species. Great watercolor illustrations by Patrick Davis. More lure fishing than fly fishing. G(m), I(d,p(c)), M. 72 pp. Soft cover.
How to Catch Trout. © 1989, Cowles Magazines. A very basic little manual, ideal for the absolute beginner. Good, simple illustrative drawings and photos. I(d, p(bw)), M. 31 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Evelyn McEwen.
How to Fish from Top to Bottom. Gordon, Sid W. © 1955, author. The Telegraph Press. Comprehensive, detailed manual with lots of nice black and white photos in the mid-century style. Interesting chapters on tying and choosing equipment. I(d, p (bw)), M. 384 pp. Hard cover.
How to Fly Fish Alaska. Repine, Jim. © 1988 author. Another generally typical Alaska fly fishing guide. This one is almost a pocket version, at 110 pages and 5” x 9”. Nice color photos on inside covers. Simple, direct style. G, I (d, p(bw)). 110 pp. Soft cover.
I Know a Good Place. Gammon, Clive. © 1989, David R. Godiva, Publisher. Donated by Alice Deaver. Fishing pilgrimages around the world by Gammon when he was Sports Illustrated Magazine’s fishing correspondent. Autobiographical, with some find charcoal illustrations. A, I(d). 239 pp. Hard bound.7
Incredible Fishing Stories. Molly, Shaun. © 1993, 1994, Workman Publishing Co., Inc. True, incredible fishing stories, supported with black and white photos, from around the world. H, I(bw). 143 pages. Soft cover.
Index if Orvis Fly Patterns. Harder, John. © 1978, The Orvis Co., Inc. A binder with probably the greastest collection of fly recipes, with color photos, out there. Including two supplements, 89 pages, most of which contain 4 recipes with photos! The recipes are bare-bones simple. I (c), M. 84 pp. Ringed Binder.
Index of Orvis Fly Patterns, Volume II. See immediately above – 65 more of the same, but with well-written section of tying instructions. I(p(bw, c)), M. 65 pp. Ringed Binder.
In the Ring of the Rise. Marinaro, Vince. © 1976, author. Crown Publications, Inc. Considered by many to be the seminal work on dry fly fishing on freestone and limestone streams in the eastern US. Many consider Marinaro to still be the ultimate eastern fly fishing writer. Great color shots of various rise forms. Very instructive – a must read for
the serious dry fly stream fisherman who wants to study detailed rise forms and intimately prepare for delicate fishing on streams where it is required. I (p(bw, c)), M, S. 184 pp. hardbound.
The Incompleat Angler – Rishing Izaak Walton’s Favorite Waters. Deindorfer, Robert. © 1977, Nick Lyons. The author goes on a quest to fish the waters fished by Walton, using his methods and targeting the fish species discussed in The Compleat Angler. Some wonderful homilies, such as “Nay, the trout is not lost; for pray take notice, no man can lose what he never had (Walton)” and “Nobody with a full stringer of fish goes home
by the back alley (Twain)”, enhance the lively reading. Delightful and historically fascinating as well. A, B, H, Hu, I (d)155 pp. Hardbound.
International Fishing Guide. McClane, A.J. © 1971, author. Field and Stream. Comprehensive guide by Field and Stream’s fishing editor. Perhaps dated, but probably
still a fine planning resource. Wonderful photography. G(m,t), I(p(bw, c)), M. 256 pp. Hard cover.19
Iwamasa Flies. Iwamasa, Ken. © 1988, Pruett Publishing Co. Interesting forward by Dave Whitlock. Detalied photographic (black and white) instructions for tying thirteen of the the author’s favorite patterns, including stonefly nymphs, midge emergers, and wulff-like hairwings. I(p(bw)), M. 110 pp. Soft cover.
Joe and Me. Prosek, James. © 1997 author. Rob Weisbach Books. Prosek writes about the mentoring he received from a ranger who caught him fishing, as a youth, without a permit. Autobiographical, anecdotal, and reflective. Includes some of Prosek’s wonderful watercolors. A, H, I(d(c)). 190 pp. Hardbound.
The Joys of Trout. Gingrich, Arnold. © 1972, author. Crown Publishers. Donted by Wes Brown. Great storytelling and shared experiences by one of fly fishing’s giants. The last section is a unique inventory of fly fishing equipment and related items. A wonderful read… A, M, H, Hu. 275 pp. Hard cover.
Kamloops. Raymond, Steve. © 1980, author. Frank Amato Publications. Back cover missing. The definitive work on the Kamloops rainbow trout, this book probably
cemented Raymond’s reputation as a fishing writer. Gotta read this one if you ever have, or ever plan, to pursue the Kamloops! G(m), H, I(d, p(bw)), M. 252 pp. Soft cover.
Lake Fishing with a Fly. Cordes, Ron and Kaufman, Randall. No copyright date. Frank Amato Publications. This is almost a primer in style, but lengthier and lots of quality drawings and black and white photos. Much discussion of various bait forms, but without actual fly tying recipes. Enjoyable reading. I(d, p(bw)), M. 148 pp. Soft cover.
L.L. Bean fly Fishing for Bass Handbook. Whitlock, Dave. © 1988 L.L. Bean. Nick Lyons Books. A handbook as the title suggests. Straightforward, manual style, with
plenty of instructional illustrations and especially detailed drawings. I(d, p(bw)), M. 157 pp. Soft cover.
The Last Pool and Upstream and Down and Big Stony.. Weldon, Howard T II. C 1972, author. Crown Publishers, Inc. Two great works under one cover. Upstream and Down is delightfully philosophical, while Big Stony is full of wonderful fictional characters. Story telling in the style of the first half of the last century. Introduction by “Sparse Grey Hackle”. Enjoy! A, Hu, F. 289 pp. Hard Cover.
Learning to Fly Fish. Spokane Fly Fishers. Donated by Dennnis Schweitzer. Our own club’s guide, in simple, easy to understand style for biginners. Novices, or those working
with them, should read this primer! Each section’s pages are numbered separately. Soft Cover.
Lefty Kreh’s Modern Fly Casting Method. Kreh, Lefty. © 1991, Odysseus Editions. Some water damage. A step-by-step casting instructional by the great salt water fisherman and caster. Nicely illustrated. I (d, p(c, bw)), M. 141 pp. Hard Cover.
Lefty’s Little Tips. Kreh, Lefty. © Odysseus Editions, Inc. A nice pocket-sized (though hard covered) little guide to fly fishing tips and methods from Lefty. I(p(bw, c)). 60 pp. Hard bound.
LeRoy Hyatt’s Favorite Flies. Hyatt, LeRoy. © 1986 Tribune Publishing Co. Written dedication to Alice Dever. Easy to follow instructions for 52 Northwest patterns, with one black and white photo of each fly. I(bw), M. 545 pp. Donated by Alice Dever.
The Little Book of Fly Fishing. Davis, Tom. C 1997, Little Creek Press. Done in an anecdotal, photo essay style. Very entertaining with some humor and great color photography. A, Hu, I (p-c). 112 pp. Hard cover.
The Living River. Brooks, Charles E. © 1979 Author, Nick Lyons Press. Nice, almost intimate discussion of the Madison River watershed, with marvelous historical
photographs. A great fireside read for anyone interested in the history of the Madison River from a fishing, historical perspective. H, I (d, p(bw)). 207 pp. Soft cover.
Longer Fly Casting. Kreh, Lefty. C 1991, author. Lyons & Burford. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. How to add ten feet or more to your cast (or so the cover says)! Anyway, its by Kreh, so, maybe so… I (d), M. 99 pp. Soft cover. 2 Copies.
Many Rivers to Cross. Montgomery, M.R. © 1995 Touchstone/Simon & Schuster. Autobiographic, fishing travels throughout the American west (including the southwest states). A. 255 pp. Soft cover.
Matching the Hatch. Schweibert, Ernest. © 1955 The McMillan Co. 1966. Donated by Steve Warren. Third edition of one of the classics. A bit of everything – entomology, with some history and tying instructions. The color plates are of the actual insects (instead of patterns) and are wonderful renditions. If you are into matching hatches, you have to read this one. H, I(d), M, S. 218 pp. Hard bound. (2 copies.) Donated by Alton Stier.
Matching Hatches Simplified. Hughes, Dave. © 2006, author. Autographed. No printer shown. A concise paper pamphlet that condenses the topic. I(p(bw)). 14 pp. Paper pamphlet.
Mayflies the Angler and the Trout. Arbana, Fred L. Jr. © 1980 author. Winchester Press. An excellent work dealing in-depth with mayflies, similar to LaFontaine’s work in Caddisfly (see above). A few recipes, but mostly a treatise, scientific in nature. Parts are highly technical. The dry fly, mayfly purist will love this one. I(d, p(bw, c)), M, S. 188 pp. Hard bound.
McClane’s Gield Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America. McClane, A.J. © 1965, 1974 author. Henry Holt & Co. Small but packed to the gills with information, as you’d
expect from McClane. Color drawings are very nice and correct in detail. S. 212 pp. Soft cover.
Midge Magic. Holbrook, Don and Koch, Ed. © 2001, Stackpole Books. Autographed copy. Very descriptive, instructional manual on midging equipment and methods. 300
color photos, including many color plates showing materials and the author’s instructions side-by-side. Much like the topic, the print is a bit small – ouch! But probably a must read for dedicated midge fishers. I, M. 109 pp. Hard cover.
Mist on the River – Rememberances of Dan Bailey. Waterman, Charles. Autographed copy. © 1986 Yellowstone Press. Donated by John Bailey. Tribute by Lee Wulff. A classic, posthumous tribute to the former Livingston, Montana shop owner, fly tier, and fisherman. Interesting material on his commercial tying enterprise, as well as his many favorite streams. Wonderful photos of other notable anglers. B, H, I(p(bw)). 193 pp. Hard cover.
Modern Fly Casting Method. Kreh, Lefty. © 1991, odysseus Editions, Inc. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. Another in the pocket sized volume that is a part of Lefty’s Little Library. More from fly fishing’s master distance caster. As with the others, very well done, with great illustrations of fly casting steps. I, M(p(bw)). 141 pp. Hardbound.
Modern Fly Dressings for the Practical Angler. Jorgensen, Poul. © 1976, author. Winchester Press. Very detailed, lengthy guide. Covers virtually every aspect of fly
dressing, with some entomology. Comprehensive discussions of tools and materials. Nice black and white instructive photos of great ties. I(p(bw)), M. 223 pp. Hardbound.
Modern Fresh & Salt Water Fly Fishing. Waterman, Charles F. © 1972 author and Collier Books. A general guide to many types of fly fishing, with some nice black and white photography. Dated now, of course, but an entertaining read. As general as one would expect for such a broad topic and the number of pages 162). M (p(bw)). Soft cover.
Native Trout of North America. Smith, Robert H. © 1994, author. Frank Amato Publications. The classic that resulted when Mr. Smith decided to catch every trout species native to North America, and to travel to each one’s native drainage to do so. From Labrador to the Baja Peninsula. Wonderful watercolors of the various species. A favorite and a treasure for anyone who appreciates the nuances of each species and its environment. A, G, I(p(c). 128 pp. Hard bound.
Never Sniff a Gift Fish. McManus, Patrick. © 1983, author. Henry Holt and Co. Typical McManus humor. Hu. 217 pp. Soft cover.
NOLL Guide to Trout Flies and How to Tie Them. Noll, H. J. © 1969, author. Davis-Delaney-Arrow, Inc. Nice short guide to classic patterns, with easy to follow recipe
tables. Concise discussions of patterns, equipment, and materials. A good instructor’s guide. I(d), M. 48 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Evelyn McEwen.
North American Fishing. Schultz, Ken. © 2001, Author and Carlton Books. Comprehensive guide by fishing editor for Field and Stream. Virtually all species and all methods. Lots of color photos. G, I(p(c)), M. 250 pp. Soft cover.
North America’s Fresh Water Fishing Book. Rosenthal, Mike. © 1982, author. Scribner and Sons. Another guide on all methods and species, with few illustrations and lots of text. M, I(d). 260 pp. Soft Cover.
North Umpquia Angler’s Guide. Crawford, Doc. © 1989, author and Frank Amato Publications. Just as the title suggests, with detailed maps and access information as well as discussions of methods. Dated now. Nicely illustrated in black and white. A few recipes of the classic steelhead patterns of the day, such as Carson, Silver Hilton, and Umpqua Special. G, M (p(bw)). 96 pp.
Northwest Angling. Bradner, Enos. © 1950, AS. Barnes & Company, Inc. A, M, I (d). Donated by Joe Lambert. The bible for Washington trout and steelhead anglers in the middle of the last century. Bradner was the Seattle Times Outdoor Editor for many years
and was the primary mover in getting the Stillaguamish listed as the first fly-fishing only steelhead stream on the coast. Much of the material is very dated now, but the quaint
drawings (many by Bradner himself), instructions, and anecdotes are still marvelous reading. The drawings of patterns in the color plates are wonderful in their own right. Many of us on the coast cut our fly fishing eye teeth on this one. Ya gotta see it! A, H, Hu, I (d, p (bw, c), M. 239 pp. Hard cover.
Northwest Fly Fishing – Trout and Beyond. Shewey, John. © 1992, author. Frank Amato Publications. A bit of everything, and nicely done at that! Instructions, fly recipes, Some directions as to where to go to catch certain species. As comprehensive as it gets, yet done in Shewey’s unassuming style. Read for information and enjoyement. The color photos and plates are alone worth the read. G, I (d, p (bw, c)), M. 111 pp. Soft cover.
The Northwest Sportsman Almanac. Sheely, Terry. © 1988, Alaska Northwest Books. A wonderful guide to recreational opportunities in the Northwest, including detailed instruction on most fishing methods (fly, spinning, salt water). Also chapters on junting.
The chapter on Tyee salmon in the Campbell River is of particular historical interest. Fine photos. Also contains illustrated recipes. H, I(p(bw, c)), M. 291 pp. Hard cover.
Nymph Fishing for Larger Trout. Brooks, Charles E. © 1976, author. Crown Publications, Inc. A complete guide to various nymphing methods. Pattern descriptions and plates, with interesting instructional photos of nymphing big water. M, I (bw). Soft Cover. 183 pp.
Nymphs. Schweibert, Ernest. © 1973, author. Winchester Press. An in-depth look at nymphs, more entomology than fishing, but with chapters on the various nymph fishing
methods nonetheless. Anyone with a bent toward fishing art and nymphs will enjoy the very life-like, outstanding drawings which are enlarged to 4 times natural size. The kind of masterful work one would expect from Schweibert… M, I (d, c). Soft cover, 339 pages.
Oliver Edward’s Fly Tyers Masterclass. Edwards, Oliver. © author. Stoeger Publishing Co. A highly illustrated, detailed instructional guide by an obvious perfectionist. 246 pages devoted to twenty (that’s right, 20!) patterns. I(d), M. 246 pp. Hard bound.
The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide. Rosenbauer, T. © 1984, Orvis Co. You’ve seen it in fly shops and book stores for years – here it is for you to check out! G, I(p(bw0), M. 246 pp. Soft cover.
Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns. Patrick, Roy A. © author. Another, later, offering by the owner of Patrick’s Fly Shop in Seattle. Very simplistic illustrations fo 22 Pacific northwest patterns. Sit down and try to tie with it for a bit of a nostalgic experience. I (not really!), M. 144 pp. Soft cover.
Patterns of the Masters. Edited by David L. Nelson. © 1990 Editor. Federation of Fly Fishers 1990 Conclave. Some classic and some new patterns (new in 1990), as compiled
by the Federation. Basic guide with very simple drawings. 170 pp. I(d), M. Soft cover. Donated by Betty Smith-Lambert.
Pike on the Fly. Berryman, John and Reynolds, Barry. © 1993, authors. Johnston Printing Co. Basic guide as described in the title. Interesting tables, probably dated, of record fish by states and fishing locations. I (d, p (bw)), G (m,t). 164 pages. Soft cover.
Pioneering Frozen Worlds. Markle, Sandra. © 1996 author. Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon & Schuster). Very interesting work on research and its rigors in the polar regions. Targeted for the middle school reader. Great color photos. Not a shred of fishing that I can find… 48 pp.
Pocket guide to WESTERN HATCHES. Hughes, Dave. © 2011, author. Stackpole Books. Manual on the subject/title. Autographed. Pocket sized. One of the most recent additions to our library.Wonderful color photography. M, I(c), 315 pp. Hardbound.
Pools of Memory. Kroll, Charlie. © 1994 Frank Amato Publications. A sixty-year fly fishing odyssey. Autobiographical, travel, with some stories set in Idaho and the western US. Fine black and white photos. A, H, I(bw). 168 pp. Hard cover.
Popular Fly Patterns. Hellekson, Terry. © 1976, Peregrine Smith, Inc. As if there aren’t enough of these guides/manuals fromt the ‘70s, here’s another! And, its just like, and as
good as, the others. Recipes, drawings, color plates – the format. I(d,p(bw, c)), M. 130 pp. Hard bound.
Practical Fishing Knots. Kreh, Lefty and Sosin, Mark. © 1972, authors. Nick Lyons Books. Donated by Alton Stier. Well illustrated gide to the topic. Many close-up, how-to photos. I(d, p(bw)), M. 159 pp. Soft cover.
Practical Flies and Their Construction. Gee, Lacey E. and Sias, Erwin D. © 1966 authors. Published by authors. Old, but pretty well illustrated tying guide by tow fishing buddies from the Midwest. I(d, p(bw)), M. 64 pp. Soft cover.
The Practical Fly Fisherman. McLane, A.J. © 1953, 1975. Prentice Hall. Forward by Arnold Gingrich. Donated by Walt Balek. Still a good introductory book, written in the practical, if slightly verbose, style of McLane’s day. Four color plates and a few drawings. I, M (d (c)). 271 pages. Soft cover.
Practical Saltwater Fly Fishing. Sosin, Mark. © 1989, author. Nick Lyons Books/Lyons & Burford. A concise guide by one of salt water fly fishing’s noted experts. I, M 97 pp. Soft cover.
Production Fly Tying. Best, A.K. © 1989, author. Pruett Publishing Co. Forward by John Gierach. The Best (no pun intended) tying manual for anyone interested in tying on
a production basis. Good for others as well. The forward by Best’s buddy Gierach (both are from Lyons, Colorado) is alone worth the read. Great illustrative black and white photos. I(bw)), M. 176 pp. Soft cover.
Professional Fly Tying, Spinning, and Tackle Making Manual and Manufacturers’ Guide. Herter, George L. © 1971 author. Revised 20th edition. A lengthy, detailed, and most entertaining book by one of the major outfitters of the last mid-century. Remember the
old Herter’s outlets? Well, anyway, this volume is wonderfully illustrated with drawings and black and white photos. A manual of sorts, but more. Instructions are anecdotal land NOT in recipe format. Check the color plates on minnow species. A fascinating read when one has the time… A, H, I(d, p(bw), M. Donated by Harold Moore, in memory of son William (Bill) Moore, 1996.
Profiles in Salt Water Angling. Reiger,George. © 1973 Prentice Hall, Inc. A wonderful story book about the topic, with historical characters (Zane Grey, Louis Aggasiz, Ernest Hemingway), historical reference, and a great photo section at the end. H, I(p(bw, c)). Hardcover.
Quill Gordon. McDonald, John. © 1939,1972, author. Alfred A Knopf. Here’s a fine work on fly fishing from an historical perspective. Fascinating discussions of the sport’s
traditions and early writings by such as Dame Julianna Berners and Charles Cotton. Discussions of early trout flies. Anyone who enjoys the traditional, historical side of our sport has to read this one! H, I(d). 196 pp. Hard bound.
Reading Trout Water. Hughes, Dave. © 2010, author. Autopgraphed. Stackpole Books. Another fine instructional manual by this prolific author. Wonderful color photography used to illustrate points. A most recent addition to our library. M, I(c), 312 pp. Soft Cover.
Reading Trout Streams. Rosenbauer, Tom. © 1988, author. Nick Lyons Books. Hand-written dedication by the author. Detailed guide on the subject, with lots of instructive drawings and black and white photos to assist. An entertaining read (even if you already think you know how!). I(d, p(bw)), M. 155 pp. Hard bound. Donated by Paul Olson.
A River for Christmas. Schweibert, Ernest. © 1980. The Stephen Greene Press, Inc. Donated by Alice Deaver. Autobiographical compilation of non-fiction fishing stories from the author’s world travels. Interesting observations on political and conservation climate in countries visited, from Norway to Chile. A. 233 pp. Hardbound.
River Journal – Kenai River. Route, Anthony. © 1994 Frank Amato Publications. One of the River Guide Series published by Frank Amato. Like the others, good guidance and
some marvelous photography. Makes you want to go engage in the combat! Good maps… G(m), I(p(c)). 48 pp. Soft cover.
Rubber Legs and White Tail Hairs. McManus, Patrick. © 1987 author. Henry Holt and Co. More humor from McManus as he seeks the mythical white-tail hairs from the rogue calf. Hu 198 pp. Soft cover
Salmon. From, Timothy. © 1991, Michael Friedman Publishing Co. Mallard Press. A fine treatise on the subject of salmon, both Atlantic and Pacific species. Outstanding color photography also includes steelhead. 128 pp. Hard cover.
Salt Water Flies. Bay, Kenneth E and Kessler, Herman. © 1972 authors. Lippincott. Purports to be “The bible” for salt water tiers. Step-by-step illustrated guide, typical of the period. I(p(bw, c)), M. 150 pp. Hard bound
Salt Water Fly Fishing Magic. Rogen, Neal and Linda. © 1993 authors. Autographed by authors. Lyons and Burford. A very nice photo essay on salt water fly fishing, including a gallery of noted soft water fly fishers. Relaxing, enjoyable read. H, I(p(bw)).
156 pp. Hard bound.
Salt Water Fly Patterns. Kreh, Lefty. No copyright date. Overland Printers, Inc. Recipes accompanied by BIG color photos (to match the BIG patterns). I(p (c)), M. 69 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Alton Stier. (2 Copies)
Salt Water Fly Tying. Wentick, Frank. © 1991 author. Lyons & Burford. A clear, practical guide to tying the best flies for all the important salt water game fish. I(p(bw), M. 160 pp. Soft cover.
Sea-Run. Johnson, Les. © 1979, author. Frank Amato Publications. Simply the best treatise out there on fishing for sea run cutthroat. Mostly deals with fly fishing, but touches on spinning as well. Johnson weaves many of his own stories into the instruction. The color plates of sea-run patterns are the best ever. A, H, Hu, I(p (bw, c)), M. 77 pp. Soft cover.
The Seasonable Angler. Lyons, Nick. Simon & Schuster. © 1970. Autobiographical/Philosophic. Lyons at his best. A, Hu. 177 pp. Soft cover.
The Second Fly Tier’s Almanac. Boyle, Robert and Whitlock, Dave. © 1978, authors. J.B. Lippincott Co. Donated by Evelyn McEwen. This second edition much like the first (see above). I(d, p(bw)), M. 224 pp. Hardbound.
Secrets of the Salt Water Fly. F-Stop Fitzgerald. © 1996 author. Text by Kenneth Wagner. The author’s name notwithstanding, a serious book, nicely illustrated, about salt
water patterns. More anecdotal than instructional, but with good discussion of various patterns and material used for them. H, I (p-c), M. 118 pp. Hard bound.
Selective Trout. Richards, Carl and Swisher, Doug. 30th anniversary edition. © 1971 authors. One of the definitive references on imitation. I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 261 pp. Hard bound.
Serious Fly Fishing, With Serious Results. Waite, John. Autographed copy. © 1977, author. Donated by author. Published by The Serious Fisherman. Unique, serious discussions of the fly fishing market, equipment production, gear analysis, and methods. A few great color photos of flies. Read the sub-chapter! Author is a Spokane resident. I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 288 pp. Hard cover.
Sex, Death, and Fly Fishing. Gierach, John. C 1990, author. Simon & Schuster. Simply more great stuff from Gierach… A, Hu, M. 238 pp.
A Simplified Course in Fly Tying. Pennsylvania Fish Commission and Harney, George L. Donated by Dean Byus. Since there aren’t enough tying manuals out there, or maybe because it was thought those that were available were too complex(?), the State of Pennsylvania had to print one. No copyright date, but old (maybe there really weren’t enough of them out there back then(?)). 22 pp.
The Snowfly. Heywood, Joseph. © 2000 The Lyons Press. Fictional fly fishing bound up in suspense and international intrigue. F. 455 pp. Hard cover.
Sockeye Salmon – A Pictorial Tribute. Naito, Hiromi. © 1995, author. The Mountaineeers. A striking photo essay on the sockeye, from sea to natal streams, and the new smolts that result. Stunning photography! (I(p©), S. 114 pp. Soft cover.
The Soft Hackled Fly. Nemes, Sylvester. © 1975, author. Chatham Press. A concise guide to tying and use of soft-hackled flies. A classic, must read for anyone who is interested in tying and fishing soft-hackles. A, H, I (d,p(bw, c)), M, S. 127 pp. Hardbound.
The Soft Hackled Fly Addict. Nemes, Sylvester. © 1981, author. Stackpole Books. Nemes continues to write about fishing soft hackles, his obvious first fishing love. And
why not – they are simple and effective. Lots of historical background, with work borrowed from Pritt, Edmonds, and Lee. Check the color plates from T.E. Pritt’s original work. H, I(d,(c)), M. 125 pp. Hard bound.
Sport Fishing USA. U.S. Department of the Interior (USDA). Editor: Walker, Michael J. A wealth of compilation by the USDA, with contributions by such as Curt Gowdy and Anne Bosworth. Promotes fishing around the country as both a recreational and
economic activity. Many illustrations, some artistic, including photos and cartoons. An enjoyable read – maybe the government doesn’t always mess it up(?). G, I (d, p (bw, c)), Hu. 464 pp. Hardbound.
Steelhead Country. Raymond, Steve. © 1991 author. Lyons Press. Autographed! Dedicated to Enos Bradner and Ralph Wahl. One of the current generation of northwest greats dedicates a wonderful book to two of the greats of the past generation. Those who
love and appreciate the history of northwest coast steelheading will have to read this one. A, H, Hu, M, I(d). 206 pp. Hard cover.
Steelhead & the Floating Line – A Meditation. Arnold, Bob. © 1995 author. Frank Amato Publications. Instructive, anecdotal. Great color plates of steelhead patterns. A fine read for those who chase steelies on both coastal and inland northwest rivers. A, I(d (bw)). 15 pp.
Steelhead Fly Fishing. Coombs, Trey. © 1991 author. Lyons & Burford. More from Coombs and, like its predecessor (see immediately below), considered the authoritative work on the subject. Great photos, great discussions on patterns and methods, along with contributions by the northwest’s master anglers and guides. A must read for those who want to pursue the steelhead, or just love steelhead lore. A, H, I(d,p(bw)) 494 pages. Hard bound.
Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies. Coombs, Trey. © 1976 author. Frank Amato Publications. Considered the modern authoritative work on the topic when it was released, it is still as good as there is on fly fishing for coastal steelhead. Some pattern recipes and wonderful photographs, including some of the legendary coastal steelheaders
of a generation ago (Tommy Brayshaw, Al Knudson (the Knudson Spider), Ralph Wahl, et al). If you want to pursue steelies with a fly in coastal streams, it begins with a reading of this book! H, I(p(bw, c)), M. 188 pp. Soft cover. Donated by Evelyn McEwen..
Steelhead Fly Tying Guide. Helvie, H. Kent. © 1994, author. Frank Amato Publications. Typical Amato format, with great color plates and photography. True to the title. I (p(c)), M. 95 pp. Soft cover.
Steelhead Fly Tying Manual. Light, Tom and Humphrey, Neal. © undated, by authors. Frank Amato Publications. Another fly tying guide, similar to those of the period
published by Amato. Plain paper with simple instructions and steelhead pattern recipes accompanied by black and white photos. I(p(bw)), M. 100 pp. Soft cover.
Steelhead Paradise. Fenelly, John F. © 1963, author. Mitchell Press, Ltd. A nice guide concentrating on the Skeena Valley in British Columbia and written in the style of the period. More anecdotal than instructional. Good information, even if dated, for
anyone wanting to fish the area. A, G, H, I (p(bw)). 114 pp. Hardbound. Donated by Alton Stier.
The Steelhead Trout. Combs, Trey. © 1971 Northwest Salmon Trout Steelheader Co. The first in the series of outstanding steelheading volumes published by the author. Wonderful historical background on steelhead fly fishing, as well as classic patterns. Some of the northwest’s steelheading pioneers are included in photos and discussion. Some scientific data on physiology and migration habits and patterns, revealing for the knowledge of the time. Anyone interested in the historical perspective on steelhead fly fishing has to read this one! H, I (d, p (bw)), S. 187 pp.
Streamers and Bucktails: The Big Fish Flies. Bates, Joseph D. Jr. © 1950, 1966, 1979, author. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. A very comprehensive work on the subject. Both fresh
and salt water patterns. Fine color plates, with many instructional drawings. Enough black and white photos to hold one’s interest. A good BIG read for the streamer fan…
H, I(d, p(bw, c)), M. 393 pp. Hardbound. Donated by Evelyn McEwen.
Tie Your Own Flies. Patrick, Roy. © 1956 author. Reprinted 1962, 1966. This book is a must read simply to get the feel for reading and following a tying manual written sixty years ago. Patrick’s Fly Shop is still at its Seattle Lake Union location where it has been for well over half a century. This book’s pattern drawings are primitive, even amusing, but they are what northwest fly fishers in the Puget Sound area had back then. The
instructional drawings, though simplistic, are effective and easy to understand. Sit down at your vice with this one in hand, and have a relaxing good time. I(d), M. 149 pp. Soft cover.
Tight Lines, Bright Waters. Engerbretson, Dave. © 1986, author. Solstice Press. Donated with written dedication to SFFC by author. Biographical fishing stuff, as well as some how-to and where-to. A, M, H, G, I(p(bw)). 178 pp. Hard bound.
Tom McNally’s Complete Book of Fisherman’s Knots. © 1975 author. J. Phillip O’Hara, Inc. Who would think (or even want to think!) that someone could fill 206 pages with fishing knots? Anyway, they are here if you want ‘em, along with some nice photos of fish. I(d (bw)), M. 206 pp. Soft cover.
A Treasury of Angling. Keller, Larry. © 1963, Golden Press. A quaint, fascinating compilation of angling lore, art, and basic species descriptions in a style that resonates of angling history. You gotta look at this one! H, I (d, p(bw, c)). 252 pp. Hard bound.
Trout. Bergman, Ray. C 1938, 1952, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Donated by Mel Krieger. Originally printed in 1938 and reprinted numerous times since, most recently in 1970. Perhaps the seminal book on American fly fishing in the first half of the 20th century.
Entertaining and informative, with gorgeous color plates of patterns in the old style. The most complete instructional guide of its day. Many don’t realize that the book also deals with spin fishing and has unique color plates of lures. A, H, I (d (c, bw)), M. 482 pp. Hardbound.
Trout. Stenberg, Dick. © 1988, Creative Publishing International, Inc. An excellent discussion of fishing methods highlighted by wonderful color photography, even if it does discuss all manner of fishing, including live bait and plugs. The photos along are worth the read. I(p (c)), M. 160 pp. Hardbound.
Trout Bum. Gierach, John. ©1986 author. Pruett Publishing Company. A compilation of stories, some of which have appeared in Fly Fishing Magazine, by the best fishing writer and story teller I know. Forward by the late Gary LaFontaine. A must read for the fireside. A, Hu. 225 pp. Hardbound.
Trout Chaser’s Journal. Stroud, Tully. No copyright date shown. Chronicle Books. Set in a journal format, with lined blank pages for journaling. Interspersed with some very
interesting color photos and anecdotes, some wryly humorous (see photo “Roadside solitude in Alaska”). Reflective, too. A fine read. Pages unnumbered.
The Trout Fisherman’s Bible. Holland, Dan. © 1949, author. Doubleday & Co. Donated by Harold Moore. A primer in the quaint style of the day. The best photo is the creel full of golden trout on the cover. Check the lower right hand corner photo of the guy lifting the old stocked brood trout with the hatchery-worn tail. The drawings of flies and some of the black and white photos are worth the look… M, I, (d, p (bw)). 190 pp. Soft cover.
Trout Flies in New Zealand. Draper, Kieth. © 1971 author. A.H. & W. Reed, Ltd. Dated, obviously, but if you must go… I(p (c)), M. 181 pp. Hardbound.
The Trout and the Fly: A New Approach. Goddard, John and Clarke, Brian. © 1980, authors. Lyons & Burford. Autographed by John Goddard. Is there really a new
approach out there? Read this and see if you agree. Some humor, along with lots of instructive text. A few recipes as well. I(p(bw)), M, S. 191 pp. Soft cover.
Trout Hunting. Woolner, Frank. © 1977, author. Winchester Press. Donated by Allen Jones. Another manual written in the style of its day. Nice black and white photos, some
of nice gear still-lifes. Lots of autobiographical anecdotes. A, H, I(d, p(bw)), M. 245 pp. Hard cover.
Trout: An Illustrated History. Prosek, James. © 1996, author. Alfred A Knopf. The hearalded collection of watercolors of the world’s trouts, impressionistic yet realistic, by the author. The brief historical sketches of each species pictured, along with the author’s
own recollections of some of the species from his boyhood, are also informative and entertaining. A,H, I(d(c)). 158 pp. Hard bound.
Trout Madness. Voelker, John D. © 1992 author. Northmont Publishing Co. Voelker (aka Robert Traver) has compiled a wonderful volume of short stories and anecdotes.
Great humor. As non-fictional as a trout fishing author can be. A, Hu. 178 pp. Hard cover.
Trout and Salmon Flies. Buckland, John. © 1980 Mitclell Beasley Publishers. A pocket illustrated dictionary of flies. Includes photos, origins and history. H, I(p(c)), M. 192 pp. Hard bound.
Trout the Size of Footballs. Anderson, Richard. © 1990, Frank Amato Publications. A philosophical, autobiographical description of an entire summer’s fishing sojourn through the west. 142 pp. Soft cover.
Trout Streams of Alberta. McLennan, Jim. © 1996 author. Johnson German Publishers. Detailed guide, written in an engaging, personal, anecdotal style. A few color plates
(photos) of patterns. Maps and descriptions of river systems and their fish. G(m), I(p(c)). 239 pp. Soft cover.
Tying Bugs and Flies for Bass. Livingston, A.D. © 1997 author. Lippincott and Co. Illustrated guide for tying bass flies (I’m serious – look at the title!) by a fisherman dedicated to bass and panfish. I(p(bw)), M. 141 pp. Hard bound.
Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs. Rosborough, E.H. “Polly. © 1978, author. Stackpole Books. Outstanding close-up black and white photographs of patterns set this otherwise very fine manual, by one of the west’s most respected tyers, apart. Most
patterns shown are rather simple and easy. Nice forward by Ted Trueblood includes some humor regarding mayfly and other specie’s Latin names. This fine little manual packs some detail into its small size. I (d, p (bw)) M, S. 192 pp. Hardbound.
Tying and Fishing the West’s Best Dry Flies. Wilson, Bob and Parks, Richard. © 1978 authors. Another tying guide written in the how-to style, but with discussions of how to fish them in addition. Some nice color photos. I(p(bw, c), M. 111 p. Soft cover.
Tying Nymphs. Kaufmann, Randall. © 1994, author. Western Fishermans’ Press. If Kaufmann’s earlier works on nymph tying weren’t enough for you, here’s another. Same
format but a bit more recent, and much more use of color photography – maybe more than any other similar manual. Worth the reference… I(p©), M. 144 pp. Hard cover.
Donated by Al Stier.
Tying Trout Flies – 12 of the Best, Tying Salt Water Flies – 12 of the Best, and Tying Bass Flies – 12 of the Best. Meyer, Deke. © 1986, author. Frank Amato Publications. A three-book set that is probably the kind of thing that results when a well-known writer
needs to make fast buck. Well illustrated, though, with lots of color photos and step-by-step instruction. I(p(c)), M. 32 pp each. Soft cover.
Universal Fly Tying Guide. Stewart, Dick. © 1979, author. Stephen Greene Press. A concise manual for some classic patterns. Unnumbered pages, but short in length. Nice
color plates. A good resource for a beginner or someone looking to tie classic patterns. I(p(c)), M. Soft cover.
The View from Rat Lake. Gierach, John. © 1988, author. Pruett Publishing Co. Another of the fine, entertaining books by the author, maybe the most beloved of his
generation of fly fishing writers. A, Hu, M. 193 pp. Hard cover and soft cover volumes.
Washington’s Best Lake Fishing. Caproni, Nathan. © 1995, author. Frank Amato Publications. An excellent, easy to read, simplified guide to some of the state’s best lake fly fishing. By no means comprehensive, but covers much of the best in the state.
Simple, sometimes repetitive formula includes DeLorme Gazetteer plot, map sketch of lake topography, including boat access, and a photo of each lake. Some historical side
bars are also included. Those wishing to explore fly fishing lakes in this state could do a lot worse than starting here. G, H, I (d, p (b-w, c). 167 pp. Soft Cover (2 volumes)
Washington Fishing. Rudnick, Terry. © 2000, author. Third edition. Foghorn Outdoors. Simply the most comprehensive guide out there on the subject. Some others deal with lakes, and some with streams, but this one has it all, down to some of the smallest waters out there. A must read for anyone wanting to explore the subject. G, I(d, bw) H. Soft cover.
Washington State Fishing Guide. Jones, Stan. First Edition! Copyright and publisher page missing. The first edition in the ongoing series. The $2.95 price on the cover tells it all regarding the age of this one! Still a great read, even if some of the catch photos
might offend some today. Fun to compare the reports on some of the lakes to what we know of them today. Also lots of interesting advertisements from that time. G, I(d, p (bw, c)). 232 pp. Soft cover.
The Way of a Trout With a Fly. Skues, G.E.M. 1921, last reprint in 1977. Billing & Sons, Ltd., London. One of Britain’s classics – written in simple, yet very correct English of the period. Very instructional, if dated, and a wonderful read for anyone with an eye toward angling history. H, I (d, p (c)), M. 270 pp. Hard cover.
Western Fly Fishing Guide. Hughes, Dave. © 1987. Frank Amato Publications. More packed with information that it appears because it is printed on fine newsprint. The author’s favorite fishing locations from Alberta to Wyoming. A good trip planning resource, although things may have changed since 1987 (like at Nunally, Lenise, and Merry Lakes, for example). G, I(p(bw)), M. 85 pp. Soft cover.
Western Streamside Guide. Hughes, Dave. © author. Frank Amato Publications. A streamside guide by the popular author, with both photos of naturals and of tying
instructions/steps. Very instructive in tying and fly selection. I (p(bw)), M. PAGES Soft cover.
Western Trout Fly Tying Manual. Dennis, Jack. © 1974,1980, author. Snake River Books. A huge fly-tying manual with great instructional photos and a few color illustrations of some fish. A good one for a beginner or intermediate tyer – lots of black and white photos cover virtually each tying step. I(p(bw, c)), 320 pp. Soft cover.
Whatchagot Stew. McManus, Patrick. © 1989 author. Henry Holt & Co. McManus’s comprehensive cook book of fish and game recipes, with humor as a basic ingredient. Seriously! Signed by the author. Hu, I(d), M
What the Trout Said. Proper, Datus. © 1982, 1989, author. Lyons & Burford, Publisher. A detailed treatise on all aspects of fly fishing and related topics. Glowing recommendations by Vince Marinaro and Jim Bashline (Field and Stream). A complete
work for the serious fly fisher. Exquisite color plates of flies. H, I (d, p(bw, c)), M. 284 pp. Soft cover.
Where the Pools are Bright and Deep. Lamb, Dane S. © 1973, author. Winchester Press. Lamb is simply a wonderful story teller. A, H, Hu. 145 pp. Hard cover.
The Year of the Trout. Raymond, Steve. © 1995, author. Sasquatch Books. The classic, based on the seasons of northwest fly fishing, by one of the gifted authors of this
generation of northwest fly fishers. Anecdotal. Read the chapter on Bucktail Camp for a great historical perspective on the great early steelheaders on the Stillaguamish. A, H. 270 pp. Soft Cover.