President’s Message

Our Smiling President and his latest message:  

PREZ SEZ   By: Doug Keene March 2018

One of the things that drew me to fly fishing was the focus on technique as opposed to just providing snacks on a hook dropped in the water, as is more common in spin casting. I have no problem with those who want to sit back and wiggle the hook every so many minutes while nursing a brew. Each to his own, but for me I needed a challenge and fly fishing provides an endless stream (or lake) of challenges.

I don’t need to tie flies, its usually cheaper to buy, but it’s a challenge I can never master in a lifetime. The fun of the challenge is worth the effort. Being a great fly caster falls into that same category. Learning to read the water, or choose the right fly, or pick the best fishing spot, or whether to go with a dry or wet fly for a particular location or time of day or time of year is a challenge that no one will ever totally master. The result, for those who still drive for that mastery, is that life is never dull or boring. Just like golf, buying the right set of clubs, or for us, rod and reel, doesn’t win the war. There is a human that wins the game regardless of what hardware they own. In my case, it is the
perfect outdoor sport to test my skills and my strength in keeping up the fight against what are often seemingly impossible challenges, in spite of my mediocre gear.
This coming season I am going to spend some time trying to perfect some of the newer “Euro Style” nymphing techniques. I’ve never been very good at nymphing so far, mostly losing my flies down in the rocks and weeds. I’m hopeful that “Euro” might be the key to better success. I may end the season with still lots to learn, but I will have hopefully made some progress and will take another shot next year. You, too, should decide to learn something new that will enhance your skills this summer. You will not regret it, and in the process, you will have advanced this sport as well as your own knowledge and skill in the sport.
We have about thirty new members who began attending our Fly School on the 15th of February. Each non-member student received a free one year membership. These are folks that are mostly new to the sport and are here out of their curiosity for what the sport has to offer. We hope to give them a high quality dose of knowledge of fly fishing and all the techniques and equipment that goes along with that. We also hope to have a large number of them decide to continue to attend our meetings, our fly auction, our raffle, and our outings. Many of them will attend at least one of our meetings, and it is our hope that all of you will take a moment to introduce yourself and let them know they are welcome.
Lastly, the Conservation/Education Raffle is in March, and as usual we are asking for your donations of your used but good quality fly fishing equipment, tools, books, flies, clothing, boats, boots, waders, rods, reels, outings, gift cards, etc. etc. etc. The income from the raffle tickets contributes to the conservation activities and some other important projects and are critical for the health of our club in general. That being said, its also a whole lot of fun and a great source of equipment for both our new and seasoned fly fishers.

By: Claude Kistler

While your nominating committee has been working on vetting a slate of candidates, there is still a short time frame for members to nominate candidates using a written form (see the club website). Nominations need to be received by March 1st. Offices vacant are Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer (need Quick Book computer skills).

All form nominations will be vetted by the nominating committee and a single slate of candidates will be announced at the March 14th meeting with final membership approval at the April membership meeting.

PREZ SEZ   By: Doug Keene  FEBRUARY 2018

As the President of the club, a lot of my time is devoted to work that the Spokane Fly Fishers Board of Directors is doing for the club. Most of you never get to see them at work, but these amazing, seemingly tireless folks, all volunteers, put many hours into the work of keeping our club running properly.

They are devoted to making your experience in the club more

The current Board is a very good mix of experience and skills that they have been willing to apply to the many tasks that it takes to keep a club of 200+ members healthy and supportive of its membership. The majority of the Board this year are new to the work and are bringing some new ideas and visions into play as we plan our activities, as we create an outreach to our new and seasoned members, and as we guide the many educational activities of the club.

As an example, the Board members have each adopted a committee to support. This means that they stay in touch with the various chairpersons to assure that they have all the resources they need to help them deal with budget issues and to represent them on matters before the board. The three Directors-at-Large are making an effort to get to know the members at the meetings that they have never met before, to listen to them about what their wishes are related to the club, and to be their representative on the board. One team has developed a new member’s packet of information to introduce them to the many different classes and to help them know what volunteer activities may be available for them to participate in. The total focus is on the membership and it will, hopefully, make a difference.

Speaking of volunteers, the club cannot work without the participation of its members as volunteers for our many interesting projects. Some are currently working on the planning for the 2018 Fly School curriculum while others are assisting in the Fly Tying Classes.

Another group is working with the Outings Committee to make sure that this year’s outings are interesting and that there is a good balance between still water and river events. There are some working on our Educational Program for the year, as well. Those who volunteer on the Conservation Committee work will find that there are some very interesting projects that will get them outside and contributing to the betterment of the fish populations and the bodies of water that support them. All of these are fun and interesting. And, they all need volunteers.

Our volunteers are folks just like you and they are the most valuable asset of our club. If you are not volunteering, you are missing out on the best parts of the club. If you have had trouble getting to know other members, volunteer and your problem will be solved. Contact me or any of the other folks you see up around the podium at meetings and we will help you get involved.

2018 is going to be a great year. Lets all join in to make this a fun time among friends.

By: Doug Keene    January 2018

 Happy New Year! Hopefully all of you folks had as nice a holiday time as my family did so I guess now its time for the gym memberships, diets and, of course, fly tying classes. Both of our fly tying classes start up in the first week of January, and there are still openings. As a relatively new tyer, I look forward to the Intermediate Class every year because it is so much fun, not intimidating, and we always end up with very practical flies to use during summer ahead. There is nothing more satisfying than catching that trophy fish (or any fish, for that matter) on a fly that you tied yourself.

The Spokane Flyfishers Fly School is coming up soon, so if you haven’t taken the class, or you know any non-members who would benefit from the school, it is open to both members and non-members. Most people who take the class say that it is the bargain of the century and that they were amazed at how thorough it is in covering all that is needed to become a good fly fisher. We have already been approached by folks that want to join their son or daughter in taking the class as a chance to bond, or to develop a healthy family interest in our brand of outdoor sport. Others who started out fly fishing on their own and have either developed poor skills or were becoming frustrated, have seen the class as a way to get straightened out and back on track to catching fish with the skills needed to be successful. We’d really like to continue building the size of this class and would like to see more folks come in from the community. Please assist us in promoting the class among your friends and remind folks that they get a free membership if they are a non-member when they sign up. Members get a $50 discount. It truly is the bargain of the century.

Those of you who attended the Dec. 6 Education Seminar with Sean Visintainer hopefully learned a few things about off-season fishing in the area. It would be great if any of you who actually went out and tried some of his suggestions would send us a few paragraphs about your experience. We may print some of those in a future Barbless. In fact, we’d really like some member contributions throughout the year about your experiences, the places you fished, or your review of an outing. Attach a picture or two and that would even be better.

You don’t have to be a great writer as we can assist with that before publishing. We’d like to add some of these to every issue we publish. It’s a great way to be an active participant in the club. Take the challenge!

Lastly, I am happy to thank our partner, Fly Fishing International (FFI), for their generous donation of 10 fly tying vises just in time for our Beginning Fly Tying Class. Best partner ever!


Long time Spokane Fly Fishers member, Ray Baker, passed away on December 10, 2017.

Ray was a great asset to our club, having served for two years as our Treasurer. He will be missed. Our sincerest sympathies are extended to Ray’s wife, family and friends.

By: Doug Keene

Hopefully, everyone attending the recent Fly Auction has built up their supply of flies for the coming spring. Yes, spring is really not that far off. That is one of the facts that has sneaked up on me just like the holidays have. We truly have a year-round cycle for our sport, with half outdoors and the rest indoors. It does, however, require a certain amount of advance planning to make it all work. It all starts right about now.

I like to think of our holiday meeting as the start of the cycle. We all get to gorge on a huge banquet of great home cooked foods along with some main dishes provided by the club. Everyone is in good spirits, we don’t have to take notes on a speaker’s presentation and there is plenty of time to share stories with other members. I look at this as filling up the tank for use during the next five months of prep for spring.

Early in January, we get the opportunity to join either the Introduction to Fly Tying Class or for more experienced tyers, the Intermediate Fly Tying Class. The beginning class is excellent for total beginners as well as those who would like a refresher. The flies tied there are usable right away, as many are popular basic flies for use in our local lakes and rivers. The Intermediate class is in a less structured format and an opportunity to tie some really good flies that are a bit more complex than the beginners tie. Most of the folks who take this class continue to come back, year after year, to continue learning in a fun and relaxed
environment among their fellow fly fishers.

The Fly Fishing School starts in mid-February. This school provides a top to bottom comprehensive education in all aspects of the sport of fly fishing, in 11 classes over a period of eight weeks, starting on February 15th. Students will have total practical training with top-of-the-line teachers. Best of all, non-members are paying just a bit over $11 per class, which is the bargain of the century! Check out the article in this issue.

For those not into fly tying or classroom work, it’s time to visit the club library and spend some quality time reading some of the excellent books or viewing the many videos we have that cover pretty much every aspect of our sport to get ready for when the snow melts away in the spring.

Lastly, please sign up to volunteer for some of the club committees that do such important work for the club. Help to plan our next year’s outings schedule, or join up with the Conservation Committee and get involved with our projects that are improving the lakes,rivers and fish of our region. You’ll see other opportunities throughout the year. This is the best way to meet your fellow fly fishers and fishing buddies. The club only thrives through the many folks who volunteer to help and you will definitely thrive when you do.

So, at this holiday time, from my family to yours, we wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable holiday, and a New Year that brings you great things, and especially lots of fun and fruitful fishing experiences throughout the coming year.



By: Claude Kistler

February 2017

Happy February. Hopefully we’ve got the majority of our winter weather behind us with longer days and a bit warmer temperatures.
This is the time of year when there are a number of classes going on in your club. Both the beginning and intermediate fly tying classes are in full swing and thanks go out to Mary Kovatch and Mike Berube for the great work they are doing to prepare and present these classes.

On February 16th, our annual Fly Fishing School begins (see
additional information on the Education page.) Our February speaker is Skip Morris and his wife Carol. In addition to his general meeting presentation, Skip is presenting an afternoon tying session.

In March, we will conduct our annual Conservation/Education Raffle with proceeds supporting our conservation and education efforts. In April, we will again present our annual Extravaganza with details to follow next month.

In addition to these events, Kurt Tempel has held an Education Committee meeting, Rick Diffley has held an Outings Committee meeting and Jodi Fitts has held a Speakers Committee meeting. These folks are doing great work on your behalf. We thank them and all who have volunteered to serve on these committees. Additional committee work will soon begin to identify officer and board candidates for next year, draft a budget and select our club award winners.

I hope to see you at our February meeting for another excellent speaker presentation.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year.If you received duplicate or replacement fly fishing gear for Christmas, please remember our March Conservation and Education Raffle.


December 2016

I write this just after the recently concluded Annual Fly Auction. Thanks to Rick Newman who co-chaired this event with me and to all of our many volunteers who made this event such a success.
Thanks also to our generous donors and of course thanks to our generous bidders. This event is a very important fundraising event for our club and your participation is greatly appreciated.
Our annual Christmas Party is coming up on December 14th and Carla Ferguson and Linda Howe, her assistant, would greatly appreciate any help that you can offer. There is everything from set-up and decorations to kitchen prep, cooking and cleanup.

Your board and committee chairs continue their work on Outings, Conservation, Education,
Beginning and Intermediate Fly Tying and the annual Fly Fishing School. As a result of board action in November, the scope of work of our Conservation Committee will be more aligned with actual conservation efforts and activities and not on coordinating the need for volunteers to participate in the various fly casting demonstrations we are often asked to do.

We are looking to establish another committee to take on that role as well as similar type community activities that we are often asked to participate in.

Thanks again to all who step up and participate in the work of your club. If you have not yet volunteered, please do so. You will meet a great group of men and women who share your enthusiasm for fly fishing and who give of themselves so that all can enjoy the work of the club. Please join us as a member and as a volunteer.

I look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Party.

November 2016

Thanks again to Jodi, our VP and Program Chair, for yet another excellent speaker at our October meeting. Molly Semenik gave us a great presentation based on her book “25 Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Montana Fly Fishing Streams”. I know I’ve identified a few places that I’d like to fish and I hope you have too.

For some of us, the coming winter season gives us time to turn our attention to improving our fishing skills through reading, video and taking classes. Our club library is an excellent resource for your reading and video needs and our Beginning and Intermediate Fly Tying classes are also excellent ways to grow your fishing/tying skills. Please look to the Barbless and our website for information on our upcoming classes.

Our major educational initiative is our annual Fly Fishing School. Please consider inviting a friend, family member, relative or neighbor to this outstanding class. If you are like me and need to freshen your fly fishing skills, this class provides an excellent opportunity to do so.

From the Board…at our recent Board meeting, it was decided not to pursue charging a fee for non-members to attend meetings and listen to speakers.

Lastly, please note that our club can only be successful when we volunteer. Throughout the year, we need numerous volunteers and I’m concerned that we see so many of the same faces volunteering for our activities and events. Please take an active part in your club and volunteer when and where you can. You will join us in performing the great work of our club in education and conservation and you will be working alongside some truly great folks. Look for sign-up sheets at the membership/information table as you enter the meeting room.

I look forward to seeing you at our November Fly Auction.

October 2016

Claude Kistler

Please remember that our Annual Fly Auction is Wednesday, November16th. This is one time change to our meeting schedule (3rd Wednesday) due to a conflict with the church schedule. Help us get a jump-start on the auction by bringing your donations to our October 12th meeting.

September was a busy month for SFF volunteers with fly casting
demonstrations to over 500 5th grade youngsters taking part in the
Liberty Lake Water Festival, the Spokane River Clean-Up and fin clipping at the Spokane Fish Hatchery. Thanks to all who participated. Also, two club outings are scheduled for October Lake Lenore, (Oct. 15-16) and the Grande Ronde (Oct. 21-23).

The board also appointed a committee to review a proposed contract with the national Project Healing Waters organization as well as discussing a dues structure for our local Veterans and Project Healing Waters members.

With the loss of our Club House last spring, we are looking for a new location to host our Beginning Fly Tying classes. If you have ideas on a location, please let me know. The board has also asked Mary Kovatch to review class needs regarding class supplies, printed material, tying vices and class enrollment costs.

At the September Board meeting, your board discussed charging non-members a $10 fee to listen to speaker presentations. While the general membership meetings are open to the public, a fee is being considered for speaker presentations to help offset the rising costs of speakers, club insurance, meeting facilities and other rising club expenses. If the person becomes a member within 30 days, the $10 fee would be applied towards their annual membership cost. The board will continue to discuss and make a decision by the January 2017 meeting.

I’m happy to report that club member Doug Keene is helping Mark Gardner with membership activities at our monthly meetings. Also, Rick Newman will join me as co-chair of the November Fly Auction, and I will join Jody Fitts as co-chair of the annual Fly School. Club Secretary Connie Tedrow will also assist in these activities. If you are new to the club, volunteering on these and other activities is an excellent way to get to know other members, and help your club grow in service as ambassadors to fishing, education and conservation.

The Washington State Council of the International
Federation of Fly Fishers awarded the Spokane Fly
Fishers the 2015- 2016 Education Award. This was given
to the club at the April WSCIFFF Fly Fishing Fair in
Ellensburg. The award is given for excellence and
commitment to educating all ages of persons and for all
aspects of fly fishing, especially fly tying and fly casting.
The award especially noted the excellent Fly Fishing
School the Spokane club offers each year.
Mary Kovatch accepted the award at the April Fair and
presented it to the club and current President, Claude
Kistler, at the September meeting.

September 2016

Welcome to another year with the Spokane Fly Fishers. I hope your summer was enjoyable with many opportunities to fish and enjoy the outdoors. I was finally able to get out and enjoyed two productive days on Flint and Rock Creeks in the Philipsburg, MT area.

Thanks to Outings chair Rick Diffley who coordinated our hosts and hostesses for our summer outings this year. There are still a few outings remaining so check your Barbless and our website for additional information.

Thanks to Gale Allen and Kurt Tempel for coordinating our two excellent education seminars during June and July. We received great information and enjoyed great participation.

As we start the year with our great slate of officers and committee chairs, we still have a few areas where we need members to step forward and volunteer.

Our membership chair, Mark Gardner would like an assistant to help facilitate taking membership          information and money at the meetings. Mark has a very busy work and travel schedule and is not able to make most meetings. Mark will continue to work the database but needs help at the meetings.

We also need someone to coordinate food at the meetings. We have a great kitchen crew from Project Healing Waters but I need some relief as far as coordinating the purchase and delivery of the food on meeting nights.

Next, I need someone to step forward to chair our November Fly Auction. This is a critical fundraising event for our club and we need to fill this role very soon. Finally, Gale Allen and I are looking for someone to coordinate our annual Fly Fishing School. The school is one of the most important activities of our club. Please consider stepping forward and helping in one of these areas and join our great group of volunteers who contribute to the success of the Spokane Fly Fishers.

Before I signoff, please note that due to a schedule conflict with the church, our November meeting and Fly Auction will be held at the church on the third Wednesday in November (Nov. 16th).

Summer 2016

It’s a pleasure to serve as your President again this year. Making this activity even more enjoyable is that I will be serving with pretty much the same Officers and Board as last year.

A summary of our activities this past year is impressive as we addressed the Waiver Form to satisfy legal and
insurance requirements, the organization of our club outings improved, our Conservation Committee and involvement in teaching and learning was very active, our meeting speakers for this past year and our upcoming year is strong, educational and informative. We had a great year of educational programs and another outstanding year is underway. Our Fly Auction and Raffle fundraising events were very successful. The fly school was again a resounding success. The work on the Barbless is outstanding. Our Christmas Dinner was again an outstanding event and we are growing our participation with Project Healing Waters. I know I am forgetting to mention other activities and apologize as it is not intentional, just a sign of aging.
Thanks to all club volunteers for your participation and for your help in making this past year very successful and
enjoyable year.

Have a great summer, participate in our club outings and activities and enjoy your families and loved ones.

“The great charm of fly fishing is that we are always
learning.” – Theodore Gordon


By Gale Allen

We still have a couple of openings for Lee’s single hand casting instruction that runs July 22, 23, 24. The classes cost $50.00 and run for four hours with limits of six students per class.
Contact Gale Allen at 465-3272 to enroll.

May 2016

As we bring this year to a close there are so many people to thank for making this a very successful year. Not wanting to forget someone I’ll just say your entire board, officers,committee chairs and volunteers. We have accomplished a great deal by updating our waiver form, defining outing host responsibilities, identifying outings, conducting a very successful fly auction, conservation and education raffle and held several excellent educational seminars and workshops. The library continues to be an excellent resource for all members. We also had an excellent year of speakers who provided a wealth of knowledge as well as entertainment through their presentations. The Fly School was again very successful.

One area that needs continued work is volunteerism. While we have an extraordinary core of volunteers, we need to expand this core and make sure that we aren’t always relying on the same folks. If you are new to the Spokane Fly Fishers please join us in volunteering. This is an excellent way to meet other club members, grow your participation and increase your fishing opportunities. We had an excellent core of folks who provided services to Project Healing Waters (we need more) and at the same time received great support from PHW members in our kitchen again this year. This is a gratifying partnership that we must continue to grow.

Your SFF leadership team will be pretty much the same core of people as last year so we will hit the ground running on your behalf and carry on our mission of serving our members through conservation and education.
I hope to see you at the picnic on May 14th.

April 2016

By Claude Kistler

A huge thank you to Miguel Ferrera for chairing this year’s Conservation/Education Raffle. Thanks also to the many volunteers who also helped out. The raffle was a great success with over 180 donated items from members, local fly shops and fly fishing companies. It was great to see a large turnout and especially participation by new members from our Fly Fishing School. We hope you continue to participate and take advantage of the many activities offered by the Spokane Fly Fishers Club.

The April Extravaganza has been reformatted this year with fishing forecast presentations only. See the Barbless for additional information. While our outing schedule got off to a slow (cancelled) start in March, there are two activities scheduled in April (see Barbless.) Outings pick up in May with the annual awards picnic on May 14th at the Fairchild AFB Recreation Center on Clear Lake. For additional outing information see the Barbless.

Your club will elect officers for next year at the April meeting. With some slight shuffling, this slate of officers and board is much the same as the current slate of officers and board. Please join us at the April meeting for this important activity.
Lastly, please remember to renew your dues by May 31, 2016.

By: Gale Allen

The nominating committee, consisting of Chairman Gale Allen, Mike Berube, Fred Howe, Judy Kaufman and Kurt Tempel presented the following nominations at the general club meeting held on March 9, 2016. Further nominations can be made by SFF members present at our general meeting on April 13, 2016. A vote for office positions will take place once nominations for the positions are closed that evening. The nomination committee submitted the following names for open office positions:

President: Claude Kistler
Vice President: Jodi Fitts
Treasurer: Joe Papenleur
Secretary: Connie Tedrow
Director Position #1: Al Odenthal
Past President: Gale Allen

PREZ SEZ March 2016

By Claude Kistler

What a terrific presentation by speaker Phil Rowley, “Advanced Chironomid Fishing Techniques” at our February meeting. Phil also anchored an excellent lineup of speakers this year that provided valuable flyfishing information to club members and guests. Jodi Fitts and committee are working as this is being written to provide you with another excellent lineup of speakers for our 2016-17 year. We will have one more program of speakers at our April meeting as Randall Osborne from WFWD will give us a fishing report on Eastern Washington waters and Sean Visintainer of the Silver Bow Fly Shop will speak to us about fishing the Spokane, North Fork of the CDA and St. Joe Rivers.

Of great importance at our March meeting is our annual Conservation and Education Raffle. This activity provides much needed funding for our various conservation and education projects. There is additional information about these activities in the Barbless as well as information on how, when and where to donate your raffle items. Then, of course, the raffle takes place on March 9th so please attend, purchase tickets and perhaps walk away with several items that will enhance your enjoyment of fly fishing as well as supporting club activities.

Also, please make note of the many club outings that Outings Chair, Rick Diffley and committee have put together that are due to begin as early as March 13th. Also note that due to insurance and legal regulations, there must be an assigned host (please volunteer) at each outing. If not, the outing as a club-sponsored event will be cancelled. Also, it is most important that each participant have a signed Waiver/Release form on site as well. In addition to the waiver form, we will be asking that each participant provide contact information on the form. This all may seem rather onerous but necessary to ensure
compliance with club insurance and legal requirements.

And finally, we are still searching for a facility or room to facilitate storage of our various clubhouse items. We also need space for our beginning fly tying class, materials and supplies storage. If you have knowledge of such space please let me know.


PREZ SEZ February 2016


The Spokane Fly Fishers needs a new location for our various club activities. If you can recommend a place for us to check into please let me know. Also if you know of someone who knows about such facilities that would also be helpful.

Our needs are as follows:

Accessible storage space (approx.. 10’ x 12’) for club items. Storage of items such as over 25 rods, reels and lines for our various teaching activities. Shelf space for fly tying materials and supplies, storage of club signs and printed teaching materials. Storage of outing supplies such as three ice chests, gas grill, propane tank, misc. BBQ and cooking supplies as well as 6 – 8 tables and 12 – 15 chairs.

Small classroom space 15’ x 20’ for teaching fly tying and small meetings.

In the larger context of our various club activities we rent space as follows:

St. Francis Church – general meeting space for 75 – 125 with the appropriate number of tables and chairs. The general meeting space requires room for audio and video systems, and 15 to 20 display tables for our Fly Auction and Raffle activities. Prep kitchen for annual dinner and monthly meetings preferred.

Wildlife Council Building – host various education meetings and fly tying classes. Space for speaker with audio visuals, with tables and chairs for approx. 30 to 50 attendees.

Ideally we would like to spend as little as possible so that our funds can go to conservation, education and other club desired activities.



January 2016

Many thanks to Rick Newman and crew for a great Christmas dinner at our December meeting. Thanks also to the other men

and women (and elves) who contributed to the success of this event. Also, thanks to “Snapshot” (Cheryl Allen and others) for their wonderful musical entertainment.

As we head into January your board, committee chairs and volunteers are hard at work lining up education, conservation, fly tying, fly school and outing activities for the remainder of the year. Coming off the successful Steelhead panel in December, your education committee has a great fly tying and Desert Lakes seminar presented by Matt Paluch of the Desert Fly Anglers (Ephrata) set for January 19th at the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council Building. Please look to this issue and future Barblesses and email announcements regarding these activities and note the various sign-up deadlines. Your participation is vital to the success and growth of our club as well as individual skill enhancement that will increase your enjoyment of fly fishing.

While we’re talking about skill enhancement. please join us for our monthly meeting on January 13th when Mike Lawson of Henry’s Fork Anglers will speak to us about “Difficult Trout.” Mike is a noted author, fly tyer and lecturer. Mike is also a strong supporter of conservation efforts to protect our resources. He is a founding member of the Henry’s Fork Foundation and the Upper Snake River Fly Fishers. He is a member of the Madison River Foundation and a life member of the International Federation of Fly Fishers. Please join us on Wednesday, January 13th – 7:00PM for a presentation by one of the premier authorities on fly fishing.

Lastly, please be thinking of our March Conservation Raffle and supporting the raffle with your donation(s) and of course through the purchase of raffle tickets. The success of this annual event is critical to the conservation efforts of your club.


PREZ SEZ December 2015
by Claude Kistler

Thanks are in order to so many for the success of our November Fly Auction. From the great coordination of everything by Fred Howe and his crew of volunteers to the auctioneering of Rich Butterfield and entertaining emcee work of Dan Ferguson, you all helped make this a successful evening. Most of all, thanks to our generous donors (especially Mr. or Ms. Anon) and of course our generous bidders. This is a very important fundraising event for our club and your participation is greatly appreciated.

The month of December is busy as Rick Newman and numerous volunteers will be working hard on our annual Christmas Party. Please help when and where you can. Also in December, Rick is coordinating an educational program on Steelhead Fly Fishing. (Notice a familiar theme here regarding Rick?)

Additional work by your officers, board of directors and committee chairs will be to work on our need as a club to come up with a new location to hold our board meetings as well as come up with a new place to store materials/supplies for our various club activities. Our deadline to do so is the end of May, 2015.
Also, our conservation, education and outings chairs continue their work to identify and plan activities for club members. Of additional importance is our work to continue to build on our relationship with Project Healing Waters so that we can grow our ability to mentor and provide fishing opportunities for our area veterans.

As I get to know more and more members each month I am continually impressed by the can do attitude displayed by so many. If you have not yet stepped forward to participate in the work of your club, please do so. You will meet fantastic men and women who share your enthusiasm for fly fishing and have a willingness to give of themselves so that others can enjoy the work of our club. Please join us.

PREZ SEZ November 2015

by Claude Kistler

At our October meeting we had a good turnout for speaker Josh Mills who gave us a great presentation on steelhead fishing. As we heard from Josh, fall steelhead fishing is at its peak. As we move further into fall and then into winter our typical trout fishing slows and it will be time to turn our attention to other ways in which to enjoy and enhance our fly fishing opportunities or skills. As this is being written, our Education Committee Chair is working to put together several education programs for our skill enhancement. Also, club members are working hard to finalize plans for our annual Fly Fishing School, and Beginning and Intermediate Fly Tying Schools. Please look for announcements in the Barbless Flyer, on our web site and at our meetings.

Of great importance to the club during November is the annual Fly Auction at our general meeting on November 11th. Please tie or purchase files to donate to this most important club fundraiser. Then attend the meeting to purchase flies. The club enjoys the participation of many excellent fly tiers and when you purchase you will receive flies of excellent quality and value at any price. Fly Auction Chair, Fred Howe and crew are looking forward to your donations and purchases. As we did last year, we will enjoy the auctioneering of Rick Butterfield, so come prepared to donate, purchase and have a good time.

In September, Judy Kaufman chaired a meeting of the Volunteer Committee. As part of our discussion, Judy identified club activities and events that require over 200 volunteers in order to serve our club as well as various education and conservation events/activities in the area. Please take an active part in your club and volunteer when and where you can.

And speaking of volunteers, my thanks to Miguel Ferrara who has stepped up and volunteered to take on the role as Conservation Chair and Board Member. Miguel, myself, and others on our board, is relatively new to SFF and was willing to jump in and begin to serve. This bodes well for the future of SFF and our educational and conservation service to others. Please talk to Judy, me or any of our officers and board members about serving. You will be glad you did.

By: Bill Lundin

Barbless-15-November-7Norm Smith was the March raffle winner of Dan Wight’s guided float trip down the Kootenai River. Norm had outstanding success catching many trout, which included a surprise hit from a hefty bull trout that attacked a fish he was landing.


PREZ SEZ October 2015

Our September meeting schedule started out very nicely with a presentation by Steve Temple and his wife on “Secrets of the Clark Fork.” Our October program with local steelhead expert Josh Mills speaking on “Steelhead Tricks” promises to be a great program as well. Please join us on Wednesday, October 14th for our next membership meeting at 7:00 PM.

I am pleased to announce that Mark Gardner has volunteered to take on the position of Membership Chair. Jodi will begin to transition Mark to this position as Jodi continues to serve our club as Vice President and Program Chair. Thanks to both Jodi and Mark for your service to the Spokane Fly Fishers.
SFF has two remaining outings and they both promise to be great opportunities to participate in your club, fish and make new friends. Jim and Jo Gooley are hosting our end of September Missouri outing and Rick Newman has stepped forward to host our early October outing on the Grande Ronde River. Check this Barbless and the SFF website for additional information.

Your club members are busy with additional volunteer activities as several members volunteered for the Spokane River clean up on Sept. 19th and Judy Kaufmann had several club members lined up to participate in fin clipping at the Spokane Fish Hatchery on Sept. 22nd. Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to Judy for organizing volunteers for these activities.

Thanks to Fred Howe for stepping forward to chair our November Fly Auction. This is a critical fundraising event for our club and I am most thankful that Fred is taking on this very important activity. Please support Fred and your club with your personal or purchased donation of flies and of course please participate by attending and purchasing these flies.

Lastly, our club extends our heartfelt sympathies to club member and SFF Sgt. At Arms, Al Odenthal for the recent loss of his daughter. We are all deeply saddened and wishing you and your family comfort during this difficult time.

PREZ SEZ September 2015
By: Claude Kistler

If I’m not going to catch anything, then I’d rather not catch anything on flies.
Bob Lawless

That pretty much sums up my experience when I drove up to the club outing on a Saturday for a day on the St. Joe River. Nonetheless, I had a great time getting to meet and talk with club members and enjoy a great lunch and event hosted by Rick Newman. Your club has a few more outings scheduled so please participate if you can.

What a tourist terms a plaque of insects, the fly fisher calls a great hatch.” Patrick McManus. Start thinking about preparing for that next hatch by participating in our annual fly auction at our November meeting. During our September and October meetings we will solicit members to either tie or purchase flies to donate to the auction. This annual auction is one of our largest income producing club activities and provides critical support for club activities. This is a great way to support your club and re-stock your fly box for the next great hatch. We will have sign-up sheets at the table as you enter the meeting room in September and October so please be prepared to offer your help and support.

In my summer 2015 Prez Sez article I mentioned the importance of volunteers who can step forward and help the club perform our core mission work. As I write this article in mid-August there is still a great need for members to step forward and help your club. In October, I want to hold a leadership/volunteer workshop to orient interested members on the leadership and committee needs of SFF. A sign-up sheet will be available at the September meeting.

As I write about ways to support your club thru the fly auction and volunteerism, please remember the initiative started near the end of last year regarding “optional giving initiatives.” This is a great way to provide additional funding for our education, conservation, youth and Project Healing Waters initiatives.”
Again…a summary of my St. Joe outing…”for the supreme test of a fisherman is not how many fish he has caught, not even how he caught them, but what he has caught when he has caught no fish.” John H. Bradley

Hello from your President and Board of Directors.

Summer 2015

It is an honor to serve with you this year. While I’m sure I am the least experienced fly fisher to serve in this role, I will do my best to work with our board, our past officers, volunteers and members to continue the great work of this organization.

Our year closed in May with our Annual Awards Picnic at Clear Lake. The event, hosted by Dan and Carla Ferguson was a great success and thanks to all who made this such an enjoyable Spokane Fly Fishers event. Great job everyone! As we move into the summer months I hope you’ve been able to take advantage of our casting classes and enjoy our spring club outings. More great outings are in store for the summer so please attend when you can and participate in your club. I too hope to get out and meet more of our members and share fishing experiences. If you are interested in participating in upcoming outings please review the outing schedule in past Barbless publications or view the schedule on our website.

Throughout my term of service I will be emphasizing the tremendous importance of our volunteers and work to encourage additional volunteer participation. We have a core of volunteers who give so much and while it’s important that we continue to learn and grow as a result of their hard work, it’s most important that more of us step forward, lend a hand and join this great group of men and women so that our club can continue to grow, prosper and serve the education and conservation mission of our club.

In addition to volunteerism, other items that we will address as a board will be maintaining our legacy of quality speakers, growing our fund raising thru increased member donations and participation in our annual fly auction and raffle, and support for our optional giving initiative. On the business side of things, we will continue to pay attention to our annual budget and continue a review of our club insurance and liability requirements. Most importantly, we want to make sure our club represents you and grows in our ability to support conservation and provide educational opportunities for you. We have tremendous re-sources in the men and women of our organization who have been more than willing to pro-vide us with top quality educational opportunities. Let’s all support their efforts to improve our stewardship of fly fishing and improve our enjoyment of fly fishing.
Have a great summer, become more involved in your club, participate in club outings and enjoy your families and loved ones. Tight Lines.
The great charm of fly fishing is that we are always learning.” – Theodore Gordon

 Messages from Gale Allen below;


By: First Lady Cheryl Allen &
Straw Boss Gale Allen (President)

A real woman will not make you choose between her or fishing; a real woman will make you take her with you and proceed to catch the biggest fish!”
The day Gale quit baiting my hooks, I quit fishing. You see, I don’t like wiggly, slimy, segmented things that have to be jammed onto a hook. And he was busy enough teaching our kids to fish…he didn’t need another pole to maintain, right? I get it! Well, I figured if I wasn’t going to fish I’d better learn to row (to earn my spot in the boat, right?). And as a rower I really began to learn about the beauty of fishing. I began to “read the river”. I learned how to angle the raft to the edge of the river so the fishers could get the best cast. I learned how to row upriver to bring us back into a good run of water. I began watching for back eddies and dark, deep waters and the V in the river. Now Gale had a built in guide! It was a great partnership! And then it dawned on me: There are no wiggly, slimy, segmented things that have to be jammed onto a hook in fly fishing! Smart person that he is (and knowing how tricky it is to teach your wife anything), Gale asked a friend to teach me to cast a line. Under the patient instruction of our friend, Gregg Edelan, in the middle of Georgetown Lake…with nothing around for me to get hooked up on, I learned the pulse and rhythm of the pole and the presentation of the fly on the water. Since then, our partnership on the river has changed a bit. Now, Gale and I take turns rowing and fishing. He bought me a nifty tool for releasing fish from their hook so I don’t have to touch the slimy, wiggling buggers. And I can tie on my own hooks! Life is good! Last fall we were fishing on the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River. I tied on a pale morning dun. I found a deep hole in the shadows of a rock wall, cast my line perfectly upriver and watched it float over the fish in the pool. SLURP! The fish took the hook. I set it and started reeling in laughing and whooping, “Fish on!” I pulled in the biggest fish that day, but we both enjoyed the fun. Gale took my picture (yes, I was holding the fish…yeeech!) and we have the picture displayed on our living room wall. I am very proud of that fish. For me, it represents a journey with my best friend. There’s just something special about the time spent fishing with friends. We have lots of new members and new fishers in our club. Make new friends and go fishing!

Great cheese comes from happy cows!” Unknown. As this is my last “PEZ SEZ”, I’d like to thank the Board, Committees, PHW members and their volunteers, and membership for all their work in furthering the mission of the Spokane Fly Fishers. We’ve come together in many areas, particularly our expanded education programs, world renowned speakers, growth in PHW efforts, outings, and a truly special library. In other words, “we’ve made exceptional cheese” this year.

I saw once where Walter Isaacson asked Steve Jobs; “What was the most important item he brought to apple—was it the iPhone, IPad?” Steve responded, “No—an organization that could carry on the mission”. You have elected a strong Board led by Claude Kistler for next year that can “carry on the mission”. All that is needed is that you, as members, continue your support.
Thank you for letting me…us… serve…tight lines.

April 2015

“It’s so dry the trees are bribing the dogs.” Charles Martin
Our March outings have had a little difficulty getting off the ground… literally. Coffeepot Lake water levels were so low the outing was formally cancelled. Some brave hearts went ahead and drug their pontoon boats out to the water and worked diligently to get through the gap to the main body. In contrast to Coffeepot, the Clark Fork got blown out with exceedingly high waters as a result of a two day rainstorm on top of a reasonable Montana snowpack. Don’t give up. We have some great outings on the schedule yet and the fish are getting hungry.

“Going so soon? I wouldn’t think of it. Why my little party’s just beginning”  Wicked Witch of the West. Wizard of Oz.
We had over 125 participants at the Conservation/Education Raffle. It was an exceptional success with many donations from members and local fly shops. I thank Mike Berube and his staff for all the work they put into the program. But wait…it’s not over! The April Extravaganza continues with another event sure to pique the interest of all. Please come and join us for this exchange of education, programs, and sharing ideas. Feel free to invite a non-member and expose them (oops, Cheryl says I shouldn’t use expose in this case) introduce them to our world of the outdoors and comradery. But wait…there’s more!! The awards picnic is scheduled for May 9th at the Fairchild AFB recreation center on Clear Lake. It includes a potluck with the club providing soft drinks and main course much like the Christmas party, though the fare is primarily picnic oriented foods. Please look for the details in this Barbless. Word has it that the women are working on their distance and accuracy casting. Look out Mary Kovatch (current champion).

“My doctor says that I have a malformed public-duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral fiber….” Douglas Adams.
It’s that time once again to elect the politicians of the SFF to our Board of Directors. Please be there at the Extravaganza to vote. Actually, in reviewing those nominated, I see a group of highly motivated, well qualified individuals who can take us to the next level. On second thought, perhaps we should be sending them to Congress instead.

March 2015

“The little I have learned only shows me how very much there is to learn.”

Louis L’Amour
Rich Hafele is known for sharing his fishing entomology knowledge with anyone willing to listen. He did not disappoint us, sharing his “bug” knowledge and presentation techniques at a level even I could grasp.
Your speaker committee is currently working on another strong lineup for next year. It’ll be a difficult task to top our own Jeff Voight and Leroy Hyatt who spoke last fall, Kelly Galloup’s presentation last January followed by Rick this past month. If you see Brad Thompson, your speaker committee chair, give him a word of “thanks”.

“It’s always darkest before the dawn. So if you’re going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it.” Unknown
Dan Ferguson, your outings chair, has put together nearly twenty outings. For you that are new to the club, these are fishing trips to various bodies of water located across our great northwest. Normally they are multi-day events staying in campgrounds on or in the vicinity of the lake or river targeted to be fished. It is perhaps the best way to develop friendships within the club, learn about fishing a particular lake or river, and expand your fishing knowledge. I don’t think you’ll find many newspapers to snitch, but you may be able to pocket the hot fly of the outing from its owner.

“The man smiled. ‘All the trout are never caught out. Sometimes they get very scarce, and the fewer there are the wiser they seem to get. Some become too smart to be taken even by the most expert, and these fish constitute the seed that keeps the streams stocked.’” Ray Bergman

At the time this quote was written, stocking programs and habitat improvements were just beginning to come to the forefront. Over time, as our knowledge has moved forward, we have learned more about the environment where fish live and fisheries in general. Today, we do not have to live with the peaks and valleys of a fishery in a lake or stream…we have the knowledge to maintain a better balance. Whether it be an aerator for a put-and-take lake such as West Medical ( sponsored with funds from SFF), or working with stream habitat improvement at Kalispell Creek or spawning streams such as the one that feeds Browns Lake (the club provided labor and knowledge), we can improve our local fisheries. Through education and hard work, we can make a difference. Please consider donating your time and efforts to this recreation we all in the SFF partake in. Begin with contributions to the Conservation/Education Raffle and consider helping with those labor intensive projects that come up from time to time.


By: Gale Allen

Norm Scott is retiring as Chairperson of Project Healing Waters. Norm began his leadership role over five years ago. The program has flourished under his direction and has become one of the leading PHW programs in the Region. He has also assisted other organizations in getting their programs off the ground. Norm’s leadership will be sorely missed. The SFF Board, SFF membership and Project Healing Waters participants thank you, Norm, for your contributions to this great cause.


February 2015

“The best fishermen I know try not to make the same mistakes over and over again; instead they strive to make new and interesting mistakes and to remember what they learned from them.” John Gierach

WOW! Hope you heard Kelly Galloup speak at the January meeting. The information presented was made in rapid fire succession sprinkled with humor between bites. If you weren’t there I highly recommend you engage those that were to get at least a flavor of the myths he broke and the solutions that replace them.

“A trout lives in a secret world. It is a small world in which many dramatic events are played out in watery obscurity, veiled from the keenest eyes and even though he is stalked and pursued relentlessly by the most attentive land creature on earth, his life-style remains much of a mystery.” Vincent C. Marinaro.

Rick Hafele is our speaker for February. He combines his formal education in entomology with his love of fishing; translating his current research to us of the fishing world in an understandable format that helps to unlock the mystery of trout. For our general meeting he will be focusing on nymph fishing in the underwater world.

“…buying a fly rod in the average city store, that is, joining it up and safely waggling it a bit, is much like seeing a woman’s arm protruding from a car window: all one can readily be sure of is that the window is open.” Anatomy of a Fisherman by Robert Traver.

Equipment for fly fishing is only one of the many topics covered by the SFF Beginning Fly Fishing School. There are only a couple of weeks left to sign-up for the course. Spending your hard earned money on equipment that does not fit you or your needs can be a significant mistake. Take advantage of the opportunity and get off on the right foot by enrolling in the school.

“Treat the earth kindly, my friends, and it will give you comfort, security, and all a man may need.” Louis L’Amour, Comstock Lode.

The SFF conservation raffle is just around the corner. Help support our conservation efforts through donations and your participation in the raffle. The funds go toward habitat improvement and education programs such as the aerator at West Medical Lake and Trout in the Classroom.

Tight Lines

Gale Allen

January 2014

“Fly fishermen are born honest, but they get over it.” Ed Zern. The conversations at this year’s Christmas party were going hot and heavy most of the evening. It was well attended and I’m sure there were some fishing trips where some of the successes of the past year were stretched some. This year’s program appears to have been one of the most well attended that we’ve had, at least during my tenure with the club. I want to thank Rick and his crew for their organization, hard work, and timeliness before, during, and after the event. I’ll not make any attempt to name names because we had a slew of volunteers helping this year. Speaking of honesty and stretching the truth, I closed the meeting thanking all those who worked hard on the program. I also thanked the quartet “Moon Glow” for their program. However I thanked them as “Moonshine.” Oops! The quartet will never let me live that one down. It’ll cost me.

“An expert is a man who tells you a simple thing in a confused way in such a fashion as to make you think the confusion is your own fault.” William Castle. Our speaker this month is Kelly Galloup. He will also be giving some tying lessons in the afternoon and presenting a program on “Streamer Fishing for Large Trout” for the general meeting. Kelly is known for his straight forward programs and no nonsense techniques…no confusion with his presentations. Plan to be there.

“The great charm of fly fishing is that we are always learning.”  Theodore Gordon. The SFF education docket really takes off in January with a class in beginning fly tying and a class titled, “Dry Fly Fishing On Moving Water” at the end of the month. We are also approaching the end of the sign-up period for both the Beginning Fly Fishing course and Intermediate Fly Tying class as both programs begin in January. All are exceptional offerings that focus on multiple skill levels…take advantage of them.

“Fishing, if I, a fisher, may protest, of pleasures is the sweetest, of sports the best, of exercises the most excellent. Of recreations, the most innocent. But now the sport is marde, and wott ye why? Fishes decreases, and fishers multiply.” Thomas Bastard, 1598. History continues to repeat itself. Our Conservation Committee is diligently working on the issue of fish to fisherman ratios at the local level as well as other conservation issues. Please start thinking about donations for the Conservation Raffle in March. By the way, to fully understand the quote I’d suggest you look up the word “marde” on the internet. I couldn’t find it in a modern dictionary.

December 2014

“That’s what the holidays are for—for one person to tell the stories and another to dispute them. Isn’t that the fly fisherman’s way?” Adapted from Lara Flynn Boyle
This is the time of year when fly fishers (all but the hardiest steelheaders who don’t mind dodging ice flows and frozen rod guides) put their fly rods away, tie some flies, catch up on reading about fishing and focus on the holiday season. Tis the season to spend time preparing for the upcoming SFF Christmas party and sharing fishing tales with our families and friends about the whoppers that got away.

AUCTIONEER. n. “The man who proclaims with a hammer that he has picked a pocket with his tongue.” Ambrose Bierce 1842-1914.
The fly auction at last month’s meeting was a success clearing approximately $3,200. The auctioneer was nearly as entertaining as Don Tietz and Carolyn Sells using each other’s bid cards for bidding. Don scored the first hit taking Carolyn by surprise. Not to worry, Carolyn eventually got even. A special thanks goes out to Brad and his crew who put together a well-organized program that moved forward smoothly without a hitch.

“Every girl loves when a boy softly whispers in her ear those three magic words…LET’S GO FISHING” Anonymous
The holidays are often a time when we reflect on the past and focus on those memories that are close to our hearts. As my wife Cheryl recently retired from her job (and from her unofficial status as my sugar-mama), she likes to tell a story about my mother and father. My mom hadn’t worked for a number of years when the day came that my dad retired. Now Dad was not one to sit back and relax but was one always on the move. Shortly after his retirement, Mom heard a bunch of noise coming from the kitchen. She went to the kitchen and discovered dad rearranging “her” cupboards. Mom asked, “What are you doing”? He replied, “Making the kitchen cupboard space more efficient”. Mom didn’t say a word, but went outside and left Dad to finish his task. After a while Dad wondered what she was doing and went outside to see what was going on. Not finding her outside in the yard, he went into “his” garage. There she was rearranging his work space…tools, fishing gear, and shop supplies. He asked her, “What are you doing?” She replied, “Making the garage more efficient?” Dad paused…looked at her and smiled…then said, “C’mon, let’s go fishing”. Some other time I’ll tell you the story of the time he hooked up his electric motor backwards on the battery which reversed the prop direction and blamed Mom for not pushing the boat out far enough as he kept coming back into shore. Go make some memories for your family to share and keep them close to your hearts.

November 2014

“It took fifteen minutes of casting to get the fly down just right. I could feel it tick gravel at just the right spot. The fish clearly moved its head and the line stopped momentarily, I lifted and felt the solid throb of life.” John Randolph, “Fly-Fishing-Tales.”

Fall Steelhead fishing is now at its peak and will soon slow while trout fishing with flies is beginning to slow down with the cooler weather, lower water, and fewer insect hatches. Cheryl and I recently came home from a trip to Glacier Park where we enjoyed nature’s kaleidoscope of colors layered against majestic mountains observing natures change from summer to fall. This change of seasons will soon be followed with the tran- sition from fall to winter when our fly fishing opportunities continue to slow. It is at this time that the SFF also changes focus from outings to education. Your SFF Education Committee has established a full education program this year that began the end of October with the casting class and will peak during the months of January, February, and March. Watch for further announcements from Kurt Tempel, your Education Committee chair, via our Web Site, in the Barbless Flyer, and at our regular SFF meetings. You too can get the fly down just right, sense it tick gravel at just the right spot, see your fly line momentarily stop, and feel the solid throb of life at the end of your line.

“Some act and talk as though casting were the entire art of fly fishing…This is a great mistake and pernicious in its influence. Casting is but a method of placing a fly before the trout without alarming it and within its reach. It is merely placing food before a guest. The selection of such food as will suit, and so serving it as to pleasure a fastidious and fickle taste, still remain indispensably necessary to induce its acceptance.” Henry P. Wells, “Fly-Rods and Fly Tackle” 1885.

I’m not sure what “pernicious” means, but don’t forget the fly auction this month. Please tie or purchase some flies for the auction. It’s one of our primary fund raisers for the Club. There will be food for our guests…polish sausage…again… for the pleasure of your fastidious and fickle taste. Claude Kistler’s wife, Sharon has ‘volunteered’ to take over the kitchen duties. Thanks, Sharon.

“Lead me not into temptation;; I can find the way myself.” Rita Mae Brown.

I know from my own thought processes that on numerous occasions I considered getting involved in the business of SFF but never quite took the last step. It took Judy Kaufman to twist my arm hard enough that I ‘volunteered’ to be a Board member… that commitment only lasted three days when Judy decided to change my commitment to the Treasurer position. I do need to thank her because getting involved at this level has lead me to many new and deeper friendships, to the selfishness of feeling good about giving to others, and gave me a way to contribute to moving the club forward in its mission of bringing fly fishing to others. As we get into this period, there are many opportunities to get involved with programs and events. Talk to me or any Board Member and we’ll steer you in the right direction…or we’ll sic Judy on you.

“I had difficulty timing the cast and setting the hook once the fish took the fly. Skip grew frustrated during our first practice sessions because I was leaving too much slack on the water. That’s a bad thing because if the fish takes the fly, you can’t tighten your line fast enough to create the tension needed to hold a fish on the barbless hook. If you give the fish too much slack, the trout will spit the fly out of its mouth and take off for the underwater grocery store. This is where the traditional fly-fishermen greeting ‘tight lines’ comes from.” Henry Winkler

October 2014

“Poets  talk  about  ‘spots  of  time’,  but  it  is  really  the  fishermen  who  experience  eternity  compressed  into  a  moment.  No  one  can  tell  what  a  spot  of  time  is  until  suddenly  the  whole  world  is  a  fish  and  the  fish  is  gone.”  Norman  Mclean.
I chose this quote as the beginning of PREZ SEZ for a personal reason and in the hope that you can help others share in the same  experience. Last Saturday, as I write this, I went fishing at Brown’s Lake with our nine-year-old grandson Derek, and our  soon-to-be grandson, Conner, who is sixteen and had never fly fished  before.  Derek has been fly fishing for a number of years and handles the fly rod quite well for his age. But Conner had never fished with a fly and nor ever handled a fly rod until that day.   Conner’s father, Tom, was exposed to fly fishing at an early age by his grandfather Dr. Elmer George in the rivers around Missoula.   His family moved out of Montana and Tom was never able to fully take up  our sport…but he never forgot it. By the way, Dr. George’s fishing partner was Norman Mclean. Now, as a new grandfather to Conner, I have been able to introduce him to fly fishing just as his great-grandfather introduced his father.  On several occasions that day at Brown’s Lake, Conner voiced that ‘spot of time’ when he cast the fly to a rising fish, the fish rose to the fly, and the hook was set. At the end of the day, we cooked that fish over the fire and ate it with our fingers. Through our fishing we are making memories and building a re­lationship with each other and with a sport that will endure. Please consider assisting with one  of  the  clubs  fly  fishing  courses,  Project  Healing  Waters,  Casting  for Recovery, or one of the many conservation programs the club supports. Please consider mentoring through one of our youth programs. Or just take your grandkids fishing. Give them an opportunity to have a “spot of time”.
“If all politicians fished instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peace with the world.”
Will  Rogers.
Speaking of politicians, our Board and our committee Chairs are in reality ‘politicians’ representing  you. At the September Club meeting you were introduced to your committee Chairs who are looking for individuals to serve on their committee as well as looking for ideas to shape their respective programs. They really need to hear what you think and what you want to do for the next year. Boy, does that ever sound like a politician…but WE FISH!
As a committee side note, Mike Fortney has run the Extravaganza for three years now and it is time for him to pass the baton.   Between us, Mike and I have five years of experience putting together the Extravaganza. It is a short-term project that is not difficult to put together. Please consider taking this one on. We will both be there to support and assist. Contact me if you have an interest.
Finally, I close with the following:
“There  is  no  greater  fan  to  fly  fishing  than  the  worm”.
Patrick  McManus.
Please signup to tie flies for the November fly auction. The worms will thank you. We’ll be contacting you.

By: Gale Allen