Trip and Event Reports

By: Carla Ferguson

Another wonderful party!

So many participated in making the event run smoothly. Everyone joined together to make this an evening to remember. I want to thank you all.

A very special thank you to Linda Howe. Over the last ten or so years, she’s been my right-hand man. We’ve had a lot of good and crazy times working together. I know that I couldn’t have done it without her.

David Marshall was my “go to” guy — I hope with no regrets. LOL. Rick Newman and Dan White are the best turkey strippers ever! Carey Smith, a new member, rolled up her sleeves and pitched in wherever needed. And, George Davis (Santa) did a great job welcoming members.

We can always count on Cheryl Allen’s quartet “SnapShot” to put us in the Holiday spirit.

With so many people stepping in to help with set-up and clean-up, I can’t possibly mention them all. Thank you, everyone, for my final year of chairing this successful event.

(Administrator note:  The Board needs your opinions on what we should do for the Christmas Party for 2018. Please think about potential options and let them know.)

By: Gale Allen

Once again we had a successful fly auction. The income from the auction will provide funds for approximately 12% of this year’s operating budget. This year we raised nearly $3,300 for club activities, speakers, and those programs and projects that are important to the club.

After expenses, we’ll have a net profit of $2,900 coming from 99 different items donated for the raffle with 46 individuals bidding on the items.

I would like to first thank all those who donated the items for the auction and were there to support it with their purchases. A special thanks to Project Healing Waters who donated a considerable number of flies. I’d also like to thank and recognize the
seventeen individuals who each purchased over $100 of flies. Without all of you, we would not have been nearly so successful.

As a club, I’d like to thank all those who helped assist with putting the program together from setup to cleanup. Particularly, Fred and Linda Howe who sat down with me to help me organize the raffle, David Marshall, our A/V coordinator, who used his own equipment for the project and, those who were new to volunteering their time for a club function including Randy Ishihara (now serving on the Board), Robin Gavelin, Brian Soth (also on Conservation Committee), Jim Hoppe, and Cheryl Allen.

Thank you all. And remember, with winter here and fishing somewhat slower, now is the time to start tying for next year.